Autumn Takes Them All

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“I think it is hot when a girl is shaved.” said Jason.

“I don’t know that it matters. I mean you see more but otherwise what is the point.” Tim replied kind of sheepishly. “I mean, if I can be honest, I have never seen one in real life. Does it feel different?”

To this day I don’t know what made me say it but I did. Looking back I couldn’t have know where it would lead. Even if I did; I wouldn’t have done it any different. I guess maybe it was pride. Funny how a guy can get so jealous if another guy is showing interest in his girl but we still want the girl everyone wants.

“Autumn is shaved.” My words were not loud or forceful but even as I said them I could feel their weight. The other guys just stopped in their tracks as I continued into the video store. I imagined a surprised look exchanged between them before they composed enough to catch up with me.

“She is? Really?”

“All the way or just a bit of hair above it?”

“Why did she do it? Is it better that way?”

At first I just laughed as they poured questions at me. Then it dawned on me. They had no idea. I was a few years their elder but I got started in my sex ed at a pretty early age and have always dated the adventurous girl. Granted a girl shaved may not excite the guy who has been around the block a bit but to these two barely 18 boys it was the jackpot.

So putting on my teacher’s cap I began to explain why I preferred it.

“It’s not about wanting some sick fantasy. I don’t pretend she is a young girl or anything. And yes I would still like it either way…..Yes it looks great……Yes she feels it more. Especially oral sex……Well especially when she is freshly shaved she is very sensitive. Grow out your beard a little, sorry Tim-can you do that yet?….haha….ya then shave it off. Gently caress your face. It will feel very sensitive…..Same thing…..”

The questions continued. I explained how I could actually suck on parts of her with it shaved. How it made it her feel fresh and she felt she was able to be cleaner there. But what I thought was the hottest part to me? It was for sex. It didn’t have another function. It was to stimulate me visually and us both physically. It let us have hotter more experimental oral sex. It felt awesome for us both and sometimes she was so much more sensitive in her pants that she would find herself wet all day. Even the act made her feel more attractive and more desirous so it led to more frequent sex with more abandon. When she took the time to shave it was like she was planning, preparing and hoping to get laid. Hell at that age that is the only reason most guys get out of bed but for her it gave her a reason to get some. She knew how much I appreciated her body and she got a charge out of how much it turned me on. She was always a bit of an exhibitionist.

By now I could see the affect the talk was having on them. We would be hushed when near others shopping in the video store but it was harder and harder for them to think. Finally I just asked them “What are we getting here?”

“Porn.” They said. I laughed. I knew Autumn would go for it but Tim’s girlfriend was there too so no way. She was pretty up tight and I knew for a fact she found porn, masturbation and sex before marriage gross. She was willing to make out and go a ways so poor Tim was left with blue balls more often than not.

“We will never pull it off and you know it. But I have an idea. Let’s get a regular film and something a bit wild but not full porn. I will pick something off the new releases you two find something that will have some good scenes but not be so far out that it looks like we were trying for it.”

I picked out some new Tom Hanks flick and they found a detective story that happened to take place in a strip club. It looked soft enough we could pull it off.

“Back to the girls with movies and pizza we go! We mighty male hunters have a feast for our gals.” I said in my best male grunt.

“We bring back the treasure and they give us the booty.” Tim added. “Sorry Jason. None for you.”

“Like you will be getting any yourself Tim. We all know she ain’t giving up nothing.”

Tim just looked down and made a huge fake sigh. He began to cry quite theatrically. We laughed. They had been trying to wait. I knew it was more her idea than his.

We got back to the house and began to watch the movie. Jason on the floor, Tim and his girlfriend, Angie were on the loveseat. I laid with Autumn on the couch. We began having a few drinks but Angie was staying pretty sober. Her parents expected her home soon. After the first movie we put in the second one. It didn’t take long to get raunchier than I expected. Less than 5 minutes in a girl was stripping on a pole. She got fully naked and was shaved.

“Look familiar Chad?” Jason laughed.

Autumn flashed me a weird look. I couldn’t tell if she was mad or curious but either way I had some explaining to do. Shortly I went upstairs to make another round of drinks. As I had stood up I realized the last round was more potent than I had imagined. casino oyna I began mixing this next one lighter for everyone when I felt a hand reach around my waste and grab my crotch.

“Damn it Tim. Not with the girls downstairs I said in my best lisp.”

Autumn just grabbed tighter at my jest. “Haha. Now just what was that “look familiar” quip downstairs?”

I really tried to have an open relationship with her so I had to tell the truth. Besides I figured she already knew and I had no good lies ready.Her eyes got wide when I told her the details.

“Okay, I was not expecting that. Why did you tell them? That explains why they keep looking at me and smiling. Oh man, they are imagining what it looks like I bet.” Her mind raced as she thought about the possibilities. She didn’t look entirely upset. That could be good news for me.

“What did you think they meant?” I asked her.

“Oh I just figured you had gone to a strip club sometime in your life.” She smiled.

“A strip club, crap, why didn’t I think of that. That would have been a good one.” I hadn’t thought to cover my tracks that way.

“I still can’t believe you told them. I feel exposed now.” Autumn had a deep sound to her voice. It seemed hot and dirty the way she said it. It was as if she was turned on by these young guys wanting her.

The way she said it gave it away. To an outside person they wouldn’t have seen it but we had bee together for years. The word exposed gave her a subtle chill. Her cheeks were flushed. I could detect her nipples getting a little bit hard and I didn’t need to check to know she would be wet.

“Oh, now somebody is getting turned on by it, aren’t they.” I teased as I pulled her close.

“I would say that is a two way street, somebody is hard.”

I hadn’t even noticed but I was. Now let me explain how all this came to be. Up to this point our love making was passionate and often. We had a very active fantasy life and we both knew we were safe to share anything together. This had led to some pretty wild fantasies. You know the kind that only seem like a good idea as you are reaching a climax. The kind that later seemed too wild to actually be a good idea at any other time. We both accepted these as fantasy and no more. Most often we would never act on them. Making love in front of a crowd at a concert. She had a teacher she had a crush on in middle school. We had talked about her going back and now that her little sister was in his class we had talked about Autumn blowing him at a recess. I knew it was safe. I knew she would never do that in real life but it was fun to fantasize. It would often rev up our sex to a fevered pitch.

I equate it now to listening to friends who did a lot of drugs later in life. Middle of the night and high as a kite they could get a plan to save the world together. It would make no sense the next day. How were we going to use Twinkies to stop all wars again? Still it was a great outlet for us to explore. When you are young you still don’t know what is and will be a turn on but together we were learning and growing.

It all started with Autumn working at a coffee hut in front of a grocery store. She would go into the store at night to clean the machines. One particular butcher was a very good looking guy and all the girls would talk and flirt with him. He wasn’t really her type and he reminded me of the handsome rich bad guy in every 80’s film but still she admitted he wasn’t hard to look at. I would often follow her in there to the back room to clean the gear. Now prior to this part our fantasies were about in what position I wanted her in. Or what place we would have sex. It never involved anyone in any fashion but us.

One night we were getting a little frisky while she was cleaning up. We often made out in semi public places and loved the thrill of being caught. Even if it was just her pulling me up so the tip of my dick was above my pants and giving me a quick suck or me sticking a hand up her skirt to feel we would tease and tease. Then when we were alone we would be all over each other. Well one time I was being very frisky and she sprayed me with water and told me to cool off. I grabbed the hose and blasted her shirt. Well she was wearing a white polo and a dark blue bra. She just laughed and I don’t think she realized how see through she was. She finished cleaning and on the way out her butcher passed us. He was just staring at her chest and I could tell she noticed. She was a young attractive girl, very fit and had nothing to be ashamed of. Guys all over the store were just staring at her. To my surprise I liked it. I was often a jealous guy but it was turning me on. I even made her stay with me as I grabbed a few things I “needed.”

Later in my car she complained about the cold because of her shirt and I realized the water had made her nipples hard. She looked down and saw her shirt. She freaked out when she realized what a show she was giving to the guys in our middle sized town. Back at my house as we made out she asked if I noticed her shirt. I explained I had canlı casino and how it actually turned me on. As I told her about all the guys wanting her I began to go down on her. I would lick her a bit then tell her about each guy I noticed in turn. I would make up a little story about where in the store they were imagining fucking her. Or what they wanted her to do to them. I had no idea what they were thinking but it didn’t matter. They idea of a store full of guys wanting her was enough to get her more turned on than ever. She was almost dripping with excitement.

I told her how the middle aged guy with the wife wanted to see her without the bra. Her wet shirt clinging to her nipples. Then he wanted her to suck his dick. It kept going. I even told her about the butcher. That her shirt was even more see through when he saw her. I also lied and told her he had a hard on. I didn’t know if he did but I knew she would like it. I told her he was going to the meat locker to jack off thinking about bending her over the dishwashing station. When she went down on me she was sucking on me and staring in my eyes but it was different. It was like she was giving a show.

I caught on to her thinking and began to ask her questions. “Would it have been a turn on to let the guys check you out” She nodded my dick still in her mouth. “Would it have been a turn on to let them watch me spray you?” Another nod and a moan. I pulled out of her mouth and crawled on top. “Would it bother you that tonight several of them are jacking off thinking about you.” By this time I was sliding in and out of her pussy. I don’t think I had ever felt that wet. She just moaned and ground her pussy against me harder.

I didn’t want to push it too far too fast so I focused in on our Butcher friend. I asked her if she wanted him to watch too. She nods and begins biting my neck. “Would you let him stand in the door and watch.” Yes she breathed heavily back. “He couldn’t see much from there. Would you let him get a little closer.” She looked deep into my eyes and nodded. I could see she was worried I might be bothered by our talk. I told her that she was making me hot and I loved what she was saying. “Would you let him get really close to you.” She said if I was okay with it so I told her I would let him stand right next to her. “What if he was hard? Would you be uncomfortable?” I asked her. By now I was feeling the tight feeling growing in me but I struggled to hold on.

What she said next surprised me. “I would feel uncomfortable she said. I would be getting him all hard and he making me all wet watching but he has to suffer with a hard on. I would tell him to pull it out and stroke it for me. Then he would get satisfaction and I would get to watch too.”

That blew me away and I began to pick up the pace. She then said she wouldn’t let him touch but if he wanted to be close he could cum on her tits. Even as she said it she began to orgasm. Her legs pulled me in close as she came. I surprised myself with what I said next. “If you were getting fucked in front of him and his cock is inches from your face I think you need to suck him a little.” She looked at me with a mixture of shock and extascy as she came even harder.

I was surprised at it myself. I kept telling myself that it was only a fantasy and I would never want it to happen in real life but I kept fantasizing about it. Slowly growing from only talking about it at the heat of passion to eventually talking about it often when we had sex. It also slowly grew from a guy to sometimes her saying she would even be willing to take as many as 4 or 5 cocks in her a night. We even started using toys and she would pretend they were some guy’s cock and suck me while she fucked it. Sometimes she would use a dildo in her pussy before I fucked her. The feeling of her wet pussy already warmed and stretched just a little would always get me going. Once when we were sneaking a fuck outside in our shed she had me sneak in and grab her long thin dildo. When I came back she had managed to find a clamp and stuck it to a table leg at the right height. After laying down a blanket she got on her knees and backed up till it was in her pussy. Then she proceeded to suck my dick and lick my balls while pushing deeper and deeper into the dildo.

Eventually our fucking even worked into anal sex and her working my cock in her pussy or ass while I would use the toy in the other. The skin between the ass and pussy walls are thin and I could feel the dildo. When our rhythm was right it would produce orgasms that would leave her legs so shaky she wouldn’t be able to stand for 5 minutes.

So back to the kitchen on our movie night. There I was pressing hard against her and her wet against me. Maybe it was the alcohol but a plan was forming in my mind. She suggested we sneak off to the bathroom for a quickie but I knew better. A quickie now would still mean sex later but I wanted her horny. The hornier the better for my plan. I was trying to decide whether to let her in on it when we were interrupted by footsteps. Her friend Angie was coming up. kaçak casino She said she had to go and asked Autumn to take care of the guys they were getting pretty drunk. I told Autumn to get changed and we would go to bed soon and take care of our “problem”. Deep inside I had another plan.

Downstairs the guys were still watching the movie. The movie was getting raunchier. The girl was getting it hard in the bathroom. Autumn came down and I could see by the walk she was very tipsy. My bedroom was at the end of the hall so she went in to change. She came back in some loose shorts of mine and a t-shirt with no bra. Now fancy lingerie is great but when a girl looks comfy that is all I need. She laid down on the couch and we all began joking and commenting on the film. Soon everything was falling right into my plan.

“Why do guys want to watch this stuff. It just makes you horny.” Autumn asked.

“Well it is hot and guys always love seeing a hot girl. Especially naked.” Tim replied.

“Ya but you will have no satisfaction. It is like going to a strip club. If you don’t get to release why suffer?” “Well guys always think they might not have to. Deep inside they hope to get laid all the time.”

“Beside who says we won’t get off? Just wait till we go to the bathroom for an “extended trip.” Jason laughed.

“And I know for a fact you watch porn by yourself sometimes.” I added.

“Yes but if I am it is because I plan to get off!!.” And with that the guys were stunned for a second time. They hadn’t met very many girls as forward as her. If you just saw Autumn you would have expected a timid girl. She was anything but.

“How do you mean?” Asked Tim. I would have thought it was a pathetic attempt to get her to describe it but the poor guy really didn’t understand. So my polite and drunk girlfriend began to tell them that she used to sneak into her dad’s porn when he was gone. She would sneak a film to the family room downstairs and then proceed to pleasure herself with a variety of items. In a total “at band camp” moment she explained all the things her young pussy had found. Pens, markers, a video game controller, vegetables, a fireplace tool set, the handle of a screw driver, an electric toothbrush. Even I was getting turned on.

I had heard the stories before in greater detail and she had even called me during some of them to describe what she was doing so I wasn’t surprised by them. I was surprised at how turned on I was that she was being so dirty in front of these guys. Tim had been our friend for over a year and Jason we had only met that day. He was in town for the week visiting Tim. I was also surprised that both guys fixed their growing bulges with out even thinking about it. They were so engrossed in the story that they didn’t realize that both of them actually adjusted their erections and gave them a good squeeze as the did.

The fact didn’t escape Autumn. What they couldn’t see was her hand. We were on the couch under the blanket on our sides. She was in front but her hand was behind her back in my shorts and giving my hard cock a good squeeze. Her hand got even firmer when she realized how turned on the guys were.

The conversation mellowed a bit after that. Finally Autumn asked why we were watching this edited shit. She left the room and headed into the bedroom. Jason and Tim just looked at me expectantly. I smiled but said nothing. I knew what they were thinking. Autumn comes off as straight laced. She doesn’t talk about sex out of the bedroom with me. She wasn’t perverted and didn’t seem like the type to enjoy this kind of thing. Little did they know she got off flashing guys, or even at restaurants would tell me which table she would most like to let everyone there fuck her. She returned a moment later with a new DVD. It was a porn that was a favorite of ours. Of course one thing we liked was most of the scenes featured a girl with a couple of guys. They guys cheered at the new film.

As we began watching the film everyone had drank their drink dry. So up again I went to refill. While I mixed the drinks I decided to really play it up. I still made it strong but I added a highly caffeinated mix with energy boosters. No falling asleep for us. In my mind I imagined that they would be double teaming her when I came back down but deep inside I still didn’t think I would want it to actually happen. Still why did I keep working the set up if I didn’t plan to go through with it? Maybe I knew the thrill of “almost” would keep us going for months. My fantasy was interrupted when again Autumn came upstairs this time when I turned to face her she simply dropped to her knees and pulled my still firm cock from my shorts. With no pretense or tease she buried my cock deep in her hot wet mouth. Her mouth felt hotter than I remembered in recent time. It felt like she could make me cum in seconds. She stopped almost as fast as she started. She stood up with that innocent face that looked like she had no idea what she was doing and at the same time she was begging to be fucked. I grabbed her leg and raised it to my hip to spread her legs and open the wide leg of the shorts. I slipped two fingers deep into her pussy with no resistance. I finger fucked her for a moment. Almost immediately she began to move her hips against me.

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