Between Siblings

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It was never intended to go this far. Neither of us could have predicted what was to transpire between us. Mikael and I have always had a very close, open relationship. Rarely do we ever act like the typical brother and sister who fight all the time and compete with each other.

I love my brother and have always been a little protective of him. When he was little and fell down, skinning his knee, it was big sis to the rescue. When homework became more difficult as he progressed through school, it was I who helped him along. Though there is only two years between us, at times it feels more.

It probably didn’t help that our parents were not the most attentative. Don’t get me wrong; they were very loving and supportive. They provided for us as best they could. It’s just constant attention and seeing to our troubles was not one of the stronger traits.

I recognized this by the time Mikael was born, so I promised myself to give to him what Mom and Dad couldn’t. Even at that young age, I seemed to have the wisdom of the ages within me. So it was then that I became his closest friend, his confidant, the one he could turn to.

It became commonplace for Mikael and I to stay up late at night in one or the other’s bedroom room talking. The topic of these discussions ranged from school to movies to really anything that captured our minds or that he had questions about.

Upon several occasions, he would ask me about relationships; about how to find a girlfriend, how to treat them, what to say or do, and so on – just your typical growing boy questions. I told him how I liked to be treated and made examples of my own life as well as my girlfriends to give various options.

I even taught him how to kiss. I know – not what a sister is supposed to do, but he has always been rather shy with girls. We even touched on sex a few times. Especially after he had his first wet dream. It was so cute, but that’s a story kept by a big sister. I’d never embarrass him by revealing that episode.

He has grown to trust me. To feel free to come to me with his trouble and know that I will treat him with respect and give him a straight answer. He had tried talking to our parents about certain things, but usually hit a dead end there and came to me for resolution.

That’s why it didn’t faze me when he brought up a very sensitive subject. One that he desperately wanted answers for yet had no one he could turn to. Admittedly, I didn’t now if should have tackled it, but in my usual way, I took it on.

He came into my room long after I had gone to bed and gently woke me. This was not the norm. Usually he wakes me with such a jolt that I feel like killing him rather than helping him. This time he was gentle, careful not to startle me. He had wakened me like this before and remembering the conversations we had afterwards, I knew something was bothering him. I had to be sensitive.

“Rose” he whispered. I barely responded. “Rose – wake up please.”

Stirring a little, I struggled to open my eyes. “wha…what’s up?” I endeavored to say. He waited a few moments, gently stroking my arm, keeping my attention, while I tried to wake out of my deep sleep.

“I need to talk to you about something – it’s important” he softly spoke. I was coming to and was able to keep my eyes open long enough to see the lost look on his face. Now over the hump of slumber and beginning to regain my cognitive senses, I stretched and raised myself up with my hands until I was sitting upright.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes I yawned and shook off the rest of my drowsiness. Looking again at his face, I could tell this chat was going to be big – just not how big.

“What’s up Mikey? What’s wrong?” I questioned him. On any other night, I would have choked him for waking me up this late. But it was Saturday night and I didn’t have anything to do on Sunday so I could sleep in.

“How did your date go tonight with Stephanie?” I queried. By the lowering of his eyes and the sinking of his shoulders, I innocently discovered at least the subject matter of our impending conversation.

“She hates me!” he said. “I think I blew it big time.” He continued almost to the point of tears. He’s such a softy.

“What happened?” I asked and he proceeded to tell me how the date went. How it was nice in the early evening, the dinner and movie they took in and even the period of time they made out at the park. Everything was fine up to then by what I could tell. Then he dropped the bomb.

“We tried to do it tonight” he whispered. My eyes bugged out. NOT what I was expecting to hear coming from my little brother. Sure, he’s a cutie and any girl would be happy to have him as a boyfriend, but we’re still talking about my little brother.

He had my full attention now. He began to describe how he and Stephanie while making out at the park began to touch and fondle each other. He said that things started out slow and turned awkward quickly.

Mikael swore that he did everything that we had talked casino siteleri about in that past about foreplay and trying to take his time, but he is still young and inexperienced. When he kinda glazed over the details about what they did together before trying to have sex, I was a little confused. By all accounts, if he did what he alluded to, she should have been so ready. But when he started to describe what her reaction was like during foreplay, it didn’t make sense.

I wanted to find out more because we have had some serious talks in the past where I did my best to describe just what girls want and need before having sex and he swore he did all that.

He was becoming a little upset so I had to calm him down. He really loved this girl and was so distraught thinking that he has ruined everything that it took some time to calm him down.

When he was able to speak calmly, I asked him to go through step by step and tell me exactly what he did. Perhaps I could find a mistake or something and point it out. He asked where to start, I figured to start from the making out and when the first person touched the other.

He told me about how they were at the park, lying on a blanket. It was dark and they were alone. They started to kiss and he told me how that went. Having kissed him before I knew he had nothing to worry about there.

“So who was the first to do something more than kiss Mike?” I asked.

“I was,” he replied, “I reached down and let my hand rest on her breast.”

“Did she like that?”

“Must have, because she pressed against my hand pretty good.”

Nothing wrong so far. He continued a little while on what he did to her breast as he felt her over her blouse. I caught myself stroking my own as he talked. I don’t think he saw because the only light in the room was that of the moon coming in through my open window. I quickly placed my hands in my lap as a conscience effort to not do it again.

Mikael continued on and told me how when he tried to go up under her blouse and bra, she seemed to stiffen up. I thought at first this might have been just nerves on her part, but the more he described, the more I understood that he was not doing it completely right.

He then rather rapidly went through the rest of the event like he was reciting a 5-minute speech in 10 seconds. All I got out of it was: stuck, pinch, hard and push. What they were related to I couldn’t honestly say but I knew they weren’t good.

From the sounds of it, his youthfulness probably got the best of him and he rushed through the rest of the foreplay. So again, I calmed him down and started to ask questions.

I got him to open up to me and describe in greater detail what he had said. It then became obvious that inexperience kicked in. He told me how he tried to go up under he blouse. He showed me using his hands in the air. From what I witnessed, he was doing it all wrong. I tried to show him what he could have tried using my hands in the air like a mime. It wasn’t getting to him though.

I tried several times, but between not being able to see in the darkness and his emotions, he was getting frustrated, as was I. I didn’t want him to go away mad or more confused.

What I did next was neither a conscience action nor well thought out. I took his hand and while telling him what to do, guided him up under my nightshirt and brought him to rest my own breast. When I placed his palm over my nipple, my hand covered his and began to massage my breast like it should be done. The whole time I was talking like an instructor.

Neither one of us realized what I had done. He was intent on listening to me and learning and I was desperately trying to save his self-confidence.

I continued to speak and it was when I said, “don’t overdue it on one breast,” then repositioning his hand over to the other I continued, “make sure you don’t forget there are two of them” that it dawned on me what I had done.

Perhaps it was the years of close chats and confiding in me that kept him ignorant of what was going on, but he was still so fixated on doing the right thing that I didn’t stop.

I felt his hand now massaging me freely with mine only gently resting on his. I continued to speak in a quite tone, describing what some girls like to have done with their breasts. I’d mention one thing and he tried it. I’d suggest another and he attempted it as well.

With a soft voice, trying to hide the shake in it that was at least noticeable to me, I asked what happened after this with Stephanie.

“We lay down on the blanket and I kept feeling her breast then kissed some more,” he stated. Without a second thought, he lay me down on my bed as he described the scene. Wanting to still discover the errors he must have made to ruin the evening, I followed his lead.

As if he was in a trance, he described his actions and performed them simultaneously on me. I don’t think he realized that he was feeling up his sister. I must admit, he was very good thus far.

His canlı casino hand turned away from my breasts and as he described what he did, like reading step-by-step instructions, he let it roam down my belly and paused there to rub gentle circles.

I couldn’t help but coo a sigh of pleasure at him. It felt comforting. I so love my belly being rubbed.

After a moment there, his hand continued down until it lightly grazed over my pubic hairs. My body shivered with delight as he hovered there, barely touching me and tickling my hairs. He then let his hand come to rest on my sensitive mound and started to massage his fingers amongst the folds of my sex.

I closed my eyes, caught up in the bliss of the moment. His talking faded away as I drifted off into fantasy. There was nothing wrong with his skills to this point. None at all. I was thinking this as all of a sudden, I felt one of his fingers slip past the folds of my womanhood and enter the now moistened hall within.

My eyes opened wide and my body tensed up with the unexpected feeling down below. He noticed this and said, “that’s exactly what she did,” then started to pull away. Uncontrollably I grabbed his hand before he could pull all the way out and held him there. With his palm still covering my pussy and his finger dwelling inside, I held him there and said, “No! You didn’t hurt me!”

He looked at me puzzled. I could see the confusion.

“It felt wonderful Mike.” I soothed him. “That’s a natural reaction when something feels very – very good.” As I spoke to him, I felt my thighs wrap around his hand as I began to squeeze his finger from within. Holding him there, not wanting to let go, I lowered my legs and used my hands to signal him to continue with what he was doing.

“What happens after this Rose?” he asked. “This was really as far as we got.” With him still dancing with his finger, I pulled him down and began to kiss him tenderly about his face and brought my lips to his ear.

“You do more of it,” I whispered. With that he began to kiss me again while he, quite pleasantly, continued to work his fingers below. I was lost – Now I was in a trance. I could have and probably should have stopped right there. Sooner actually. But something was not letting me.

As I felt him press his finger deeper inside of me, and felt the warmth of his kisses on my lips, I spoke ever so softly into his ear once again. “Whatever you do to me, it will be fine.” I inhaled another breath then continued, “Just remember what we’ve talked about in the past. All the things I’ve said women love – just go slowly and tenderly.”

With that I fell into a deep state of tranquil passion. I began to forget who it was that was feeling me and kissing me. I was as lost in the moment as he was.

As the kissing continued, he did things to me with his fingers that I don’t remember telling him about. They drove me wild. I could feel my heart pounding from within. My breathing was shallow and quick. My hands combed through his dark wavy hair as my body wriggled to his touch.

He lay close to my side, with one arm under my neck while the other was busy entertaining me below. I could feel his hardness as he pressed it against my upper thigh. There is nothing more erotic to me than having a man rub himself against me in such ways. It sounds strange, but to feel an erection in other places than between my legs or in my mouth, is a sweet change of pace. Not to mention I think it takes a man’s courage to let his arousal be known in such ways.

We continued on and with all that was happening, I felt the familiar burn of an orgasm start to build. It’s possible that he sensed this, either that or it was just pure coincidence that he pulled his fingers away and slid his hand, glistening with my juice, up my side and cupped my breast once again.

This drove me crazy – I was mad that he didn’t finish me, but entranced by what he might do next. I didn’t think it would go much farther past this though. After all – he is my brother. The light petting session seemed harmless and oh so wonderful.

He then propped himself up and removed his t-shirt. I watched as my youthful, yet well built brother undressed in front of me. He didn’t stop there either. Next to go were the shorts he sleeps in, finally freeing his – well – impressive man hood. All I could do was stare at him. I was amazed at how delicious Mikael looked.

He then leaned over me and placing his hands on each side of me, shimmied up my sides, lifting my nightshirt up and off my reclined body. I lay there, in a pose reminiscent of a fine art model posing nude. My right knee slightly raised and bent over my left leg. One arm arched above my head with the other gently pressing and massaging my pelvic area.

Leaning over me, looking deep into my eyes, he lowered his lips to one of my erect nipples, taking the hardened flesh into his mouth and suckled on it. Instantly, the hand that was above my head came to rest on the back of his, pressing him onto my kaçak casino breast even further. My back arched slightly and my eyes closed tightly while I felt his tongue dance around my nipple and areola.

My other hand now found the new task of rubbing my clitoris, picking up where Mikael left off. I was ready. Ready for feel my climax by my brother’s doing. I was prepared for it and waiting anxiously.

Then I felt his body shift. One of his hands went down and pulled mine away from my aching sex. He took me by the wrist and brought it up near my head, leaning on it. Still suckling my breast, I hardly noticed his other movements. He gently opened my legs and shifted his position to lie hovering above my body.

I sensed the change and before I came out of my trance, the events of the evening raced through my mind. He came to me for advice. We talked for a while. I ended up showing him what girls like to have done. He fingered me to the point of bliss. He suckled on my breasts and that’s where I thought it might end. He took me to another level though. He took me beyond that of sister, beyond that of teacher. I wanted him now. I craved him.

And now I lay here, with my brother holding himself above me, his hardness pressing against my aroused sex – ready to feel him slip inside me. We pause – looking into each other’s eyes. Is he waiting for approval or is he having second thoughts.

I do not want him to stop now. Quite intentionally I lift my hips and feel his erection pop through the outer folds of my pussy and slip effortlessly into my body. He’s bigger than I anticipated, feeling a bit of a strain on the limits of my sex. His thickness stretching me near to the point of discomfort although ample amounts of my precious juices lubricate the way and allow him to slide in with moderate effort.

Our bodies meet and he lays there motionless. My hips adjust my position to allow as much of his girth to rest comfortably inside me. I swallow him up and then come to rest as he after wrapping my legs about his waist.

I feel his body tremble as he stares at me. A hint of insecurity is detectable in his eyes. Then something dawns on me that I hadn’t considered before now.

“Mikael?” I whisper. He continues to stare at me. I can tell he’s waiting for the question but is unable to speak.

“Am I your first?” I watch as the look in his eyes changes from that of insecurity to shame like. His arms begin to shake more and I can feel his heart racing.

“Am I your first Mikael?” I ask in the most comforting tone. He lowers his eyes and nods a nervous yes.

With that answer, I tighten the hug my legs have on him, wrap my arms about his neck pulling him down onto me fully allowing the weight of his body to rest on mine and slowly begin to shift my hips about, pulsing my body in a lover’s rhythm.

I bring my lips to his ear and whisper “Thank you for giving me this precious gift. Make love to me Mikael”.

Through the gentle gyrations of my own body, I can feel his begin to answer in sync. With his head buried on my shoulder and my body hugging his, he starts to waken his own desires and quite naturally moves in total concert with me.

Although nature is taking it course, I can still detect his inexperience and begin to silently guide him along this new journey. Moving my body around, I show how he can slide in at different angles for new pleasures not only for me but that benefit him too.

His pace begins to quick, but using my legs, I slow him down, keeping a steady rhythm rather than allowing him to burn up his energy.

I move one of his hands below the arch of my back, motioning to lift up when he can and support me, giving an opportunity to dive deeper. His length is nothing to be laughed at either. My brother is quite hung I’m discovering. Just wide enough to make sex challenging but not uncomfortable and this new hold he has on me lets me feel how long he is. Nearly touching the deepest limits of my sex. He is quite possibly the biggest I’ve experienced. This is truly exciting.


“Yes sweetie?”

“I want to try something please.”

“Anything Mikael.”

Lifting himself and pulling out he gets up to his knees and holds out his hands to me. From where I lie, I give him my hands and he pulls me up to a seated pose. I look at him with a curiosity, awaiting his direction.

“Please get on your hands and knees Rose.” He said and points in the direction he wants me to face.

A smirk come to my lips and my eyes speak to him saying “you’re gonna love this.”

Very slowly I get up and swivel my body to the pose he requested. I’ve decided to do him one better and instead of staying propped up on my hands, I cross my arms on the bed and lower my head until it rests on them. This has my ass way up in the air and exposes my sex quite adequately.

I close my eyes because I know that this also tightens the folds of my pussy such that a man of his size will feel even larger. I feel the bed rock to his movement and anxiously await his reentry. To make sure I am very ready, I reach up between my legs and start to rub my clitty. Feeling my juices flowing even just from anticipation was an encouraging sensation.

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