Calahan’s Campaign Ch. 02

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Governor Bruce Calahan was right. He woke up to find Liz playing with his cock and balls. Clearly, she had planned a little special shake for breakfast. His thoughts were confirmed she saw him awake and began to lower her mouth onto his manhood. She might have been a nerd, but she was one who could suck a cock better than most women.

The experience only intensified when she started licking his balls and deep-throating him. She obviously wanted to get him off rapidly, because that was a combination bound to do it. Her tongue kept getting him closer to a release. He felt his dick enlarge and fill more of her mouth. She just continued to take him further down her throat.

If Ms. Chancery was applying for the position of girlfriend, she was definitely selling herself well. He was very impressed with her oral abilities so far. He just hoped that she was as good a manager as she was a sex partner, since he would be re-elected for certain. This was the kind of lover that he needed: wild, energetic, and passionate.

While he weighed all of these ideas, Calahan felt a familiar twitch in his cock. He was on the brink of relief. Liz must have realized this as well, but it didn’t stop her from sucking his dick. As a matter of fact, she started licking him again as well.

This increased stimulation soon forced the Governor to cum. His seed poured down her throat, as she thirstily swallowed it. Even wearing her glasses, she looked like very seductive at that moment, with a satisfied look on her face. Obviously, she was quite happy to drink his juices.

“How was that, Bruce?” she asked him mischievously.

“Damn, that was wonderful! How did you know that I wasn’t going to pee in your mouth, though?” he reacted.

“I didn’t. Frankly, it wouldn’t have bothered me. I’m cool with golden showers. I guess you may find that hard to understand. I won’t blame you if that’s not a fetish of yours,” Ms. Chancery replied.

“I’m not too keen on the idea of drinking piss, but I won’t judge you for that interest. Just don’t ask me to taste yours, okay?” Calahan casino oyna said.

“I know, it would gross you out. Then again, I don’t care if you drink mine. It’s about humiliation for me. I like to swallow it myself as a sign of submission. I’m a masochist. Would you at least consider letting me drink yours some time? Think of it this way. I won’t ask you to kiss me right afterward. I’ll wash out my mouth. All that would happen is that you would have to use the restroom less and I would use it more,” she explained.

“Okay, my dear. If you’re so thirsty for my piss, so be it. That’s something in which I never expected to participate, I’ll tell you! I need to empty my bladder from last night, so go ahead and open your mouth again. Just use plenty of mouthwash after you swallow it,” he said, sitting up on the side of the bed so she could drink his other fluid.

Liz eagerly proved that she wasn’t kidding, as she got on her knees on the floor and let Bruce pee down her throat. He felt weird urinating in a person’s mouth. However, it was a quicker relief from his full bladder than he would have received if he had been required to walk to the toilet in his personal bathroom. True to their agreement, she ran to the sink to clean her mouth and teeth.

Thinking that they were done with sex for a while and ready for breakfast, Governor Calahan started to get dressed. Ms. Chancery, however, wanted more from him and knew how to convince him to give it to her. She jumped back onto the bed, totally nude, and touched her own clit. Fingering herself, she lifted her legs to let him see her pucker.

“Are you trying to seduce me, again? Holy cow, you’re a horny one! If I didn’t know better, I’d say that you’re a slut,” the Governor declared.

“Oh, but I am a slut! I suppose that I should have made it clearer to you, Chief. Mind you, I’m your slut now. I hope that my new Master doesn’t mind fucking his slave again. I’m a horny bitch, all right,” Liz winked at him.

“You’re horny alright, but I wouldn’t call you a bitch. Provided that you join me for breakfast canlı casino immediately after we fuck, I don’t object to taking your pussy. Or was it your ass that you were offering me?” he teased her back.

“Either one, Master. You’re the boss, right? All I care about right now is taking a hard cock in some rough, animal sex!” she grinned hungrily.

Taking some lube from the bathroom medicine cabinet, Bruce put it on his cock and straddled Liz. Grabbing her legs and keeping them above his shoulders, he rammed her pussy with his dick. Thrusting vigorously into her, he saw her eyes look intensely at him as he fucked her. They had a pleading look to them, as if she were begging for even rougher penetration.

“Holy shit! You’re gonna make me cum!” she screamed.

After several minutes of more rutting, Liz came hard. She turned out to be a gusher, with her womanly juices squirting from her soaked opening. Her heart also raced faster. No wonder they recommend this for cardio exercise, she thought, because it certainly works for me. I just hope he loved it as much.

“Jesus fucking Christ, that was outstanding, Chief!” she shouted, the sweat dripping down her petite body.

“I’m pleased that you liked it so much, Liz. It’s always flattering to a man,” he teased the lady.

She then concentrated on making certain that her Master, the Governor of the Commonwealth, would cum as well. He wasn’t going to do that quite yet, though. Having cum earlier that morning, he had pretty good control.

Even so, he couldn’t hold out indefinitely. The more Ms. Chancery milked her boss, the closer he got to a release. He wanted to cum pretty soon, as they were both getting hungry by now. She kept squeezing his cock with her suddenly tighter cunt, deliberately making it more difficult to prevent his explosion.

While they pushed closer to Bruce’s relief, Liz came yet again. This time was less intense than the last, but it still counted as an orgasm in anyone’s book. Between it and the previous climax, she knew that she had to get him off before he wore kaçak casino her out. The roughness of their sex life was apparently something to which she would have to get accustomed, not that she minded. It was a fool who complained of too great a sexual relationship.

Just a few minutes later, Governor Calahan shot his load again. There was not as much of his cum as before. Nevertheless, he had more than enough to fertilize the egg cells that were ready that day. Unknown to either the politician or his campaign manager, he had knocked her up. Since neither of them were aware of her new situation, they worried about other matters instead. The fraternal twins would be an issue to arise later.

Speaking of eggs, they were both starving by that time, so Bruce reminded Liz, “Okay, I’m famished. Time to wash up quickly and eat some breakfast. I feel like an omelet and hash browns. How about you?”

“With cheese, I hope?” she requested.

“Is there any other way to make omelets? Cheese and onions are mandatory in my book, preferably some sharp cheddar. Sound good?” he remarked.

“Very good! I take it that the Mansion kitchen staff will cook it for us,” she reacted.

“Well, of course. They make just about all of my meals these days, unless I’m on the campaign trail. Gotta keep the public servants well fed, you know,” he winked at her.

“Then I’m looking forward to many more breakfasts in the Governor’s Mansion, Chief. I really want to make sure that you’re re-elected now. After all, you’re my lover, right?” she declared.

“Yep. I’m pretty sure that you’re a keeper. I fucked you without protection, which I usually only do with those women who have romantic potential. I guess it’s my way of subconsciously saying that I don’t mind having children with a particular woman. You’re a brainy girl, which is basically my type. Now, let’s eat some grub already,” he taunted her as they finished getting dressed and headed to the informal dining room of the Governor’s Mansion.

Liz just winked at him and made a raspberry sound. She knew that this would be the most enjoyable job she had ever known. She loved the idea of working closely with her new boss. He even had a sense of humor, as shown by the easy way that he handled her joke. That was already a good sign.

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