Carol’s Mom Ch. 02

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Sure enough, the next morning Carol says, “Well Harry, today’s the day I help you cum my mom’s heels, her nice patent black heels, we are going to cover the bow and mess the insides up for her, what do you say?”

“What do I say? It’s a great plan, but you have to really get me turned on first, are the heels here or do you have to get them?”

“Right here, Harry. I snuck in and grabbed them last night when she was sleeping, she left’em in the living room.”

“That was so nice of her to leave’em where you could get them easily.”

So Carol donned her gold half-rounds with the purple beads hanging from them, looking so hot and sexy, she had a nice pair of silver ovals and she starts to rub them under my balls, all the while saying,

“Harry, I want you to squirt all over Mom’s heels and make sure you get the black cloth bow at the toes, that will be dis-colored and Mom will have a bird about it.”

Carol starts doing her thing, she has the beads for those silver ovals around my cock as she drags’em over my balls telling me to squirt her Mom’s heels. The light of the room is seen in her gold half-rounds and that makes me even harder.

She starts jerking me harder and I feel my sex juices coming to a boil. I have Janice’s sexy heel in my hand and I blow a nice rope over the bow then a few ropes inside and I hold her heel so it slides down to her toes. Janice will either like this or she won’t. Not my problem and Carol puts her Mom’s heel back in the living room.

Well, today being Saturday, I have a long bike ride scheduled. Carol and Janice are going out to a mall somewhere. I will be out before they leave.

A few hours later out on the road Carol calls me.

“Hi Harry, how’s the ride going?”

“Oh fine, great day for it, an what’s Janice up to?”

“Well, she doesn’t know what is in her bra cup, the one you blew a few ropes into last night, or maybe she does and is faking not knowing.”

“She put on her heels, Carol?”

“Nope, she wore a red skirt and her red heels, Damn I hate when she doesn’t work with us.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Know what that means Harry?”

“Tell me Carol.”

“It means we have to really cream that black patent heel tonight.”

“Fine with me, serves her right after what I did for her to swap heels.”

I got back to the house around six and the two women were doing up supper, I am in a pretty good mood from a great bike ride and after supper we all get cozy in the living room and watch Pacino’s ‘Scent of a woman.’

Janice is pretty tired from a long day of walking the mall and is softly snoring.

“Harry.” Says Carol, “Want to cum her heel right here and see if she wakes up?, can you imagine her waking up to see me jerking you off into her sexy black heel?”

“You are so wicked Carol.”

“I know, that’s why you love me so much.”

So, we are on the sofa, me lying across Carol and she is of course wearing a nice pair of glasses with the beaded chain and with one hand, holding Mom’s sexy black heel, the other is jerking me off and yeah, that shoe was again assaulted with casino oyna cum from her son in-law. Oh that cloth bow got it good and with a few fat ropes of cum ion the toes end, yeah Janice is in for a surprise.

Sunday Mornings Carol goes out to get some doughnuts and Danish for coffee and it is at this time Janice is getting ready for church services.

“Harry, you see my black heels around anywhere?”

“Last I saw was under the end table by the sofa.”

I am sitting on the sofa reading a biker magazine and Janice is in the recliner putting her heels on and I hear,

“YUK! what in hell. . .”

She takes the heel off and looks at it, really good, then see’s the bow is off color. Her face is red.

“Harry, what is in my heel?”

“Gosh Janice, I guess it might be some man-sauce, do you like it?

“No I don’t like it, how could you do this to my heel?”

“So you are not happy about this?”

“NO I am not. I might just tell Carol.”

“No, you don’t want to do that. . .”

“OH and why is that?”

“I am your sex slave, that will end, you have to know that. So Carol gets mad I came all over your heel and half-glasses, she won’t stay mad for long and in the meantime, I am not your sex slave any more, not that I want to be but Carol would be upset if she found I came on your things.”

“I had no idea you are such a sneaky bastard, Harry.”

“I said I was wrong to cum your sexy half-glasses, as you look so damn hot wearing them, you want to black-mail me so who is the real sneak around here?”

“Hate to say it but you’re right Harry, I guess it is a control thing I have, to keep the upper hand and have others do what I want, not what they want. Might just as well do my other heel Harry.”

“I thought you didn’t like the stuff.”

“Oh but I do when it is done when I say so.”

“No doubt about it Janice, you have the blood of a dominatrix.”

“Drop your pants Harry, I want this heel done like the other.”

“Get that other pair of glasses you have, this will work even better.”

“Oh, will it now?”

Janice gets the other pair out of her purse and wraps its beads around me. She begins by dragging her heels and glasses all over me and when I am hard, she puts her heel over my cock and holding it with both hands starts jerking me off into her sexy black heel. I get brave and start to run my hand over her left bosom.

“Well Harry, this going to work?”

“Yeah it will work haven’t had breakfast though so it might take longer.”

“Everything goes back to your belly, doesn’t it?”

I like it when she looks up at me, the light of the room seen in her gold half-moon style glasses with their beads jiggling in time to her hand movements and she is working that shoe real good now.

“Janice, will it make you feel better if I told you, ‘I came in the left cup of your bra.”

“Yes, I liked it, you really like my things don’t you?”

“Yeah but it is partly because you’re so fucking hot and one o’ these days I might just stick it to you and give you a hard fast fuck you know you’ve been wanting canlı casino for some time now.”

With that she went even faster and the inside of her heel was swamped with man-sauce. Carol just pulled into the driveway with goodies from the bakery and Janice decided to keep quiet about things.

“You’re still here Mom thought you were going to church?”

“Well, I was but the doughnuts they have during coffee hour are not that great and I wanted to really enjoy a good doughnut for once, say a cruller, one of those twisted doughnuts about nine inches long with custard like from an eclair in it and maybe an inch and a half round.”

“Well Mom, I can understand it but you swapping God for a good doughnut?”

Later that week Carol was called into work as another woman called in sick. In the meantime though, something Janice said had awoken a part of my mind to a fantasy I could see coming to fruition.

It began on Sunday when Janice decided to stay home and have a real doughnut she could enjoy, she was quite specific about it too, Nine inches long, inch and a half thick an full of cream, damn that is in my pants!

I started to wonder if Janice was telling me what she wanted without knowing she was telling me and the more I thought about it the more it seemed to make sense. Carol did say, “Fill her up,” and that is exactly what I have in mind.

Janice is in the recliner reading her novel, her gold half-round glasses at the end of her nose, she is getting me so hot, wearing her patent black heels; a grey skirt; cream colored V neck blouse. I walk over to her, I am naked from the crotch down and I kneel in front of her.

She looks at me strangely, “What’re you up to?” the soft light of the lamp twinkling in her glasses.

Not saying a word my hands are up under her bra and I am giving those boobs a real good feel. With my thumb and finger I am tweaking her nipples and Janice doesn’t know what to make of this. I am so looking at her through eyes of lust and she is starting to know it yet still can’t say, “Get your hands outa there.”

Now I am really feeling them. “Oh Gawd Janice these are so fucking grand, I wanna stick it in your hot bush with my hands on your tits and fuck your brains out.” I said in a low serious tone.

I was expecting her to blow a fuse or scream so imagine my surprise when she said, “O.K.”

Within minutes we are in the guest bedroom and I am on top of her, she still has those sweet little half-glasses at the end of her nose and she has her legs wrapped round mine and I could feel that smooth black leather of her heels.

HOT freaking damn I should have done this a long time ago, she is so tight and warm and loving.

“Oh Harry, you really have a cruller down there.”

Janice said after I emptied my custard way up into her as my hands are filled with those lovely mounds.

“I think my glasses really turned you on, Harry. Whatever gave you this idea?”

“You don’t know, Janice?”

“No! I never thought you were like this,”

“What about las’ Sunday when you were so specific about the cruller you wanted? kaçak casino Huh? how was I s’posed to take that?”

“All this from a doughnut?” She looked at me with love and respect as her needs were met and frankly for being guy enough to go for the real prize.

“Yeah Janice, you are so gorgeous down there, I should have done you years ago.”

We were lying there holding each other and we hear,

“So. . . you two have a good time?”

Janice was about to have kittens.”Ca . . . Carol. I thought you had to work?”

“Yes I thought so too. I get to work and I see Margie’s car and I’m like what the hell?”

“Boy Carol, your Mom, she’s wild! I never had a chance!”

“Harold, that’s not true, you know that!” Her Mom hollered.

“So Mom, you finally got what you wanted, your cute perverse way of blackmailing my husband, Nice!”

“Carol, he came after me!”

“Oh sure Mom, I know all about it, You think he got so horny he came your half-glasses, Is that what you think?”

“I think his pubic hairs between the pearl beads of my neck chain told on him.”

“So you decided to blackmail him into doing whatever you wanted, I. . .I can’t believe this.”

“He messed with my things, I couldn’t put up with that!”

“Then why’d you ask if cleaning your glasses got him hard? you asked in a way that showed you liked the idea . . .Mother!”

“Carol, I am so sorry, I hadn’t had it in so long, I just couldn’t help it I know it was wrong but. . .”

Janice was very upset by now and Carol figured she ought to end this.

“Well Mother! It was my idea.” Carol said in a soft voice.


“He is a great hubby and I thought it sweet when he’d clean your glasses for you. He’d tell me, Janice looks so fucking hot with her little half-glasses an beaded chain. Then you go an embarrass him asking if cleaning my glasses got you hard.”

“You were embarrassed by that. . .Harry?”

“Yes I was, I did like how sexy and granny-like you looked and it did give me ideas but being asked, very rude, Janice.”

“So Mother! I came up with the idea and asked, ‘Harry how would you like to cum Mom’s glasses and for me to put them back where I got them? I thought it would be funny Mom, and it was!”

The next morning you got your coffee and went to the living room, put your coffee on the table with your Danish and grabbed your glasses! It was a riot, you sat there an stared at them for twenty minutes! What did you think it was?”

“Well I knew what it was, I was in shock and yet the idea of him getting off on my glasses was still turning me on. I never would’ve guessed you had something to do with it.”

“Well Mom, I did, the whole idea. He told me that night what went on when he came back from his motorcycle ride. I thought about you and figured, let Mom have some man meat, you are a great Mom and I know you have your needs, I just thought it sweet that Harry has a fetish for older ladies and their half-glasses; beaded chains and heels, maybe even a bra.”

“Yes Carol, when I saw his jism all over my glasses an beaded chain, I never had any idea you were in on this and not having it for a while, I just resorted to getting what I never thought I could get any other way.”

“Don’t worry about it Mom, Could you be interested in a three-some?”

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