Computer Groups Ch. 02

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Just hours ago I lost my virginity technically. I didn’t actually fuck anyone or even get fucked, but I gave my first blowjob and it was my first sexual experience with anyone other than my own hand. Up until this morning, I never considered myself anything but heterosexual. But here it is hours later, I had tasted my first cock. To make it even more taboo, it was my father’s cock.

To recap, I had seemingly always fantasized about incest with my mother, sister and aunt. On this particular day my dad caught me masturbating, during which I moaned “mom”. That’s when my father introduced me to an exclusive club he co-founded. And in the process, broke down the barriers of my sexuality. (Read Chapter 1 — Computer Groups for more, it will explain what you need to know to make this story work. All characters are 18 or older)

I know this story has a slow build up, but I am just setting the stages, later chapters will move quicker and easier, so please be patient with the stories. This is my fantasy world.


Two days went by fast. I hardly left my room I was masturbating so much. My daddy stopped by my room Monday for a brief visit to see how I was doing. Although we didn’t do anything, he told me that our original plan for meeting at the group house on Saturday was postponed until the Saturday following. Apparently the group board couldn’t schedule a meeting this week.

During our chat, he told me some more about the group and that he has some very special things planned and a couple presents for me. But that would have to wait until the next Saturday almost two weeks away.

Lastly he gave me a huge bottle of lube and some anal toys. Giving me more time to get used to the thought and physically be ready for what would be happening to me.

That night I inserted my first ever anal plug. It was small and it wasn’t very comfortable at first. I read the instructions thoroughly. I planned on being ready and I tried to sleep the very first night with it in me. It didn’t work. After a couple hours of tossing and turning; I removed the butt plug, putting it on my bedside table. Sleeping after that came easy. After all, I probably came 7 times that day playing with myself.


I awoke Tuesday morning around 6 AM to the smell of coffee brewing. Putting on a pair a shorts and a tank top, I made my way down to the kitchen to start my day with a little hard hitting caffeine. At the table, were my sister Becky (Full name Rebecca) and my mother Susan; both had coffee and a bowl of cereal.

I had to do a double take, mom was in her usual robe, but Becky was almost dressed identically to me, tight boy shorts and a tighter fitting and thin tank top. Her cute little pert tits were pressed hard against the thin fabric and her nipples looked liked they could shred her shirt with ease. She often wore clothes that showed off those hard nubs, but this morning was the best view of them I think I’d ever had. Maybe it was just because I’ve been so damn horny since Saturday, I don’t know, but my cock certainly started going right back into my morning wood phase.

“Why doncha take a picture, it’ll last longer!” Becky quipped noticing me staring at her chest.

That statement kind of broke me out of the haze and I poured some coffee, sat down across from Becky and just sipped at it, stealthily glancing between drinks at those hard nips.

Mom and my sister left the kitchen shortly thereafter; over the next hour, I enjoyed a second cup and read the paper, both my father and brother both came and went without much conversation. Of course I purposely avoided contact and speaking with my daddy, I just wasn’t sure enough of myself. If I started talking to him and calling him daddy, I was sure to get excited and I think someone would certainly notice. So I kept to myself.

After 7 AM, the whole house cleared out and I was alone. I rested on the couch watching a replay of last night’s baseball highlights. I dozed off.


“Wakey Wakey little brother!” I heard as I was being shaken from my sleep.

“Beck?” I stammered, “What’s up?”

I was still on the couch, on my side facing the television; my sister waking me with a jostle.

“So little brother, having a good dream?” she asked.

“Huh?” dumbfounded. “I don’t know.”

“Well your cock tells me otherwise!” she said, laughed and pointed. “Dreaming about my tits?”

Coming out of my slumber, I wasn’t exactly working with a clear mind, but the words cock and tits did jump to the forefront of my brain. I looked down and I was hard, long and the head was sticking right out of the top of my shorts. So I covered myself as quickly as my body could respond to what my brain understood moments before.

“What the fuck sis?” I chirped at her, mad like my privacy was stolen from me.

“Oh relax Nick.” She smiled at me. “Not like I haven’t seen it before.” The look on her face wasn’t one I was used to. It was like she was holding the best poker hand and she knew it. This was something I certainly wasn’t casino oyna used to.

I turned and sat up, not moving my hands away from groin. “Well what do you want?” I was getting angry.

“I just decided I really didn’t want to work today even though I was almost there.” She grinned again. “So I called in sick and came home, and on my way to my room I found this!” That grin she had; got huge, as she pulled from behind her back my anal plug. I must have left my bedroom door open, it was on my nightstand.

My mouth hung open like it was meant to catch flies and I’m sure my face must have turned beet red. “What’s the matter Nicky? Ass got your tongue?” She was downright rolling in laughter now and I got up; “You’re such a bitch!” I yelled as I ran…. to my room, closed and locked my door and laid face down in my pillow. Just like a little girl…. crying.


A good half an hour passed with me alternating between crying and fuming. I couldn’t get my emotions in check and this was very unlike me. “What’s wrong with me? It’s not the end of the world!” I thought. Then I resumed my child like sniffling.

There was a rap at my bedroom door followed by Becky lightly asking me; “Nick, Can we talk?”

Unsure of myself at this point I didn’t answer verbally or open my bedroom door, Becky repeated “Nick… you awake?” I still didn’t answer. I don’t think I had anything to say, or anything that I could say.

It seemed Becky left my door after that, because I didn’t hear anything else. Somehow I fell asleep again.


For the second time today, Becky was shaking me awake. “Nick! Wake up!” with a couple more pushes to my shoulders; “Come on Nick, wake up.”; almost in a panic.

I opened my eyes to Becky yet again, realizing she was in my room when I clearly locked my door earlier. “How’d you get in here?” I asked and she responded; “Oh thank god you’re alive.”

“What?” confused, “Why would you say that?”

Becky was sitting on the side of my bed, legs facing away from me, but twisted enough so that both her hands were on each of my shoulders. “I was worried and I’m sorry for teasing you.” She began. “I thought I pushed you too far and I thought…. Well I thought…” she seemed like she couldn’t or wouldn’t finish her statement.

“You thought what?” I admonished. “I’d kill myself?”

A big frown crossed her face, she lowered her head and tears started to flow. “Well… ummmm… yes.” She admitted. “It crossed my mind and I just, ummmm, kind of freaked out.”

I almost smiled. She cared. We never had a horrible relationship, but we never were close either. I’m pretty sure this was the first evidence of caring in 4 or 5 years. Becky hasn’t exactly been a bitch to me over the years, but she wasn’t the type to show kindness or caring either. Being 2 years older than me, and of course a sister instead of another brother, the only time we spent together over the past years were family outings and vacations, we just lived in two different worlds and today it showed how far apart we really became since we were young kids.

“I’m really sorry for teasing you like I did.” She stated again. “I know we aren’t close, but, ummmm” She was really trying to get a point across, but between sniffling, if wasn’t coming out very well.

“But what?” I interjected.

She wiped her tears away and paused; collecting her thoughts. “It’s just very hard to say this but.” Sniffling again; “I love you.”

She hadn’t said that in a very long time, and neither had I. We were out of touch with each other’s lives. “I love you too sis.” I don’t know why I responded that way, I guess it was just a standard reaction to hearing I love you.

A wicked look came across her face, almost a smile and she wiped her tears again. Seemingly her crying was coming to an end. We sat silent for a few minutes; she just turned and faced away from me with her head down. I sat up against my head board, watching the emotion from her drain out. Whatever happened, the tides turned on my emotions too. I wasn’t crying anymore, now I was concerned with her. How things changed so quickly.

Finally she got up and started towards the door. My thoughts quickly turned back to my anal toy and the real possibility of that information being spread around. “Beck!” I called out. “Wait please.”

She stopped at my door and looked back at me, “Can we talk please?” I begged.

“Sure.” Her eyes were still very glass like; “I just want to change from my work clothes and get something to drink, can we do it in the living room?”

Minutes later, I was sitting on the couch waiting. I was staring at my butt plug just sitting on the coffee table like it was a normal everyday piece of the décor. Becky came slowly in from the kitchen with an orange juice and sat at the other end of the couch with at least 3 feet in between us. When she sat, I noticed her new outfit was the very same tight fitting tank top and boy shorts she had on at breakfast. Her nipples were like rocks again, threatening to tear canlı casino holes in that flimsy shirt. The boy shorts wrapped her groin like latex, and she sat Indian style, slightly turned towards me. My eyes couldn’t help but drop to the camel toe she so clearly displayed for me.

“My eyes are up here.” she stated and gestured with her fingers spread into a peace symbol, but pointing towards her face. Clearly she saw the look of lust I had to have had written all over my face. My thoughts immediately turned to the fact that her statement didn’t come out snarky or teasingly like at breakfast or when she woke me up on this very same sofa.

I lifted my gaze to her face instead of her crotch or tits as she had clearly defined. She had the greenest eyes and they captured my attention next. She seemed in control again and it had to be the change in clothes and the sexual tension they raised in my own shorts that gave her that power. “You wanted to talk?”

I stammered. “Ummmm yeah.” Trying to get my next thought to come out of my mouth; “About this morning and….” I just went back to being that shy and dorky teenager that couldn’t answer his daddy on Saturday.

“And?” She added and watched my eyes dart to the anal plug. “Oh, that.” She cracked another smile, and again it didn’t seem like she was holding something over my head, it was more of her recognizing the point I wanted to broach.

Nothing came out of my mouth, so she took the reins. “Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell anyone about it.” Relief must have shown on my face. “But can I ask one thing?”

“Sure” I dreaded the question I knew was coming, but our morning kind of opened things up to a point I felt I couldn’t say no.

“Does it feel good? Uh, you know… inside?” This was not the question I thought was coming.

“What? That’s the one thing you want to know?” stunned at her question. I thought she was going to ask what I was doing with something so nasty or was I gay, but instead she wanted to know if it felt good in my ass. I thought to myself; “What the fuck?”

“You really want to know if it feels good to me.” I couldn’t believe the statement even came out of my mouth.

“Yes.” Her look was one of confusion. “Why?”

“I could have sworn you would have asked what I was doing with something so disgusting or if I was gay since I have an anal toy.” A big smile crossed her face again and a small chuckle dropped from her amazingly soft looking lips.

“No!” She clearly stated. “I know you’re not gay and I don’t think something like that is nasty.”

Wow was my sister ever surprising me and her retort confused me even more. I carefully thought of my next question; “How do you know I’m not gay?”

“Please!” she answered in mock indignation; “If you were gay, I wouldn’t catch you staring at my tits almost every day. If you were gay, your eyes wouldn’t have fixated on my pussy when I sat down. If you were gay, I would have known by now.”

Her answer certainly did have merit.

“Oh and to answer the other question about it being nasty, every one of my boyfriends has wanted to fuck me in the ass. So by now I know guys are fixated on that, so it doesn’t surprise me at all anymore. I stopped being disgusted by the thought of ass play a while ago. I just haven’t done it because I’m scared it will hurt too much.”

My hot sexy sister just told me she considered being fucked in her ass before. She also told me she was an anal virgin. That information went straight down to my cock and the tingle it provided me wasn’t anything new, but it confirmed that I was as hard as steel in my shorts. Something I hadn’t thought about yet but was now at the forefront of my attention. I had hoped Becky couldn’t see my excitement.

“I guess I had to ask you because I thought so much about giving in and letting a guy do it to me. Some of my girlfriends tell me it hurts like hell and some say they love getting fucked in the ass.” Almost with a shit eating grin now, “Since you’re a guy, I thought your opinion on it might be more….” She didn’t have a word it seemed to complete her statement.

“What? Valid?” I asked.

“Yeah kind of, or more … impartial.”



“Well what?”

“Do you like it?”

How do you answer your own sister asking if you like having something shoved up your ass? I tried to think of an answer, but after about 30 seconds, it became obvious I just needed to tell her the truth, even if it was only part of the story.

“Well, yes and no.” I answered. “It was uncomfortable when I first put it in, but it’s small and I got used to it pretty quickly. But I couldn’t sleep with it in.” I gave her more information then I intended to provide.

“You tried sleeping with it?”

“Umm, yeah I tried last night.”

“Damn that’s sexy.” She admitted.


“Fuck yeah!” She answered, suddenly I felt like she had a truckers mouth. “I mean I thought about trying it with a guy, and here you are, my own brother has had something kaçak casino stuck up his ass.”

“Wow sis, that’s not what I expected to hear from you.”

She removed her feet from under her ass causing me to look again at the tight boy shorts covering her sex. I noticed a wet spot between her legs and my cock twitched again. As she leaned over to pick up the small toy, I used that time to adjust my manhood into a more comfortable spot in my shorts; hopefully hiding it better too.

When she had the toy in her hand, she scooted over until she was right next to me on the couch and repositioned herself right back into an Indian style seat. She held the toy up close to her face and examined the shape closely. It had a thin flat base almost like a stopper for a drain; the plug itself looked like a 3 inch dildo in black, bulbous at the bottom tapering to a rounded point at the top of the end you insert in your rectum.

“Do you use it a lot?”

“I just got it yesterday.” It was almost a normal conversation if you took away the fact that we were talking about a sex toy.

“So yesterday was the first time you tried putting something up your butt?” She chuckled a little.


In our current positions, my eyes kept dipping lower to her nipples and that growing wet spot in her panties. She noticed my eyes drifting up and down repeatedly and she checked out the bulge in my shorts too.

“I see it excites you as much as it does me.” She commented on our bodies and specifically my full length trapped in my shorts.


“Oh no… don’t be sorry. That’s fucking sexy seeing you hard.”

“What?” I was confused.

“I guess it’s me that should be sorry.” She explained. “I’ve been teasing you for a long time on purpose.”

I really didn’t understand her comment and it must have showed on my face. My hands inadvertently covered my erection and as much of my groin as I could.

“Please don’t cover it up.” She asked. Using her hands to remove mine from covering what she apparently wanted to see. “I have a confession to make. I love knowing that I can get my own brother that excited.” She bit her bottom lip in a sexy little expression.

Her eyes looked like they were on fire while she looked down at the bulge in my shorts. “Don’t be mad, but I’ve been flashing you and trying to turn you on since I watched you jerk off to a picture of me in my bikini.” She raised her eyes to gauge my reaction to her statement.

“What? You watched me? When? Where?”

“I ummm, saw you sitting at your computer one day. I came to your room to borrow a sweatshirt. Your bedroom door was open a little and on your computer screen was a picture on me in that blue bikini I have.” She stopped again; I was just staring at her in disbelief. “Well you were playing with yourself and I couldn’t help but watch. I mean I never saw a guy do that before and I mean.” She was getting herself caught up in the memory. “I couldn’t help but watch. I….” she was getting more turned on reliving the memory and I glanced to her panties, the wet spot was growing fast. “I got so turned on, I got so worked… I… got”

She started to shiver and her eyes fluttered. “Oh shit!” she spat out. I didn’t know it then, but she just had a small orgasm right in front of me remembering the site of me jerking off. Her body trembled, she dropped the butt plug and fell back against the couch, her right hand cupped her pussy, her left hand went to her left tit and pinched her hard nipple, her eyes closed completely and she rubbed softly between her legs.

I couldn’t help it but in seconds I was gripping my cock through my shorts and was stroking myself as my own sister came in front of me. My mouth was dripping with saliva, my eyes wide and my cock so close to shooting off right in my own shorts.

My sister’s orgasm subsided over the next 20 seconds or so and I was only seconds away from starting my own when she opened her eyes, recognized what I was doing and covered my stroking hand with her own.

Her hand on mine, moving up and down my shaft, even through the fabric was electric. It couldn’t have been more than 3 strokes up and down when I exploded and the warm wetness expanded in my underwear right under our hands.

We sat quietly with her hand on mine covering my cock, our eyes watching each other intently, not really moving at all. It had to be minute’s later, maybe it was only seconds. “Did that just happen?” She asked. I really didn’t think I needed to answer.

We slowly separated from each other, backing away as if neither of us can believe what just happened. “I need to get cleaned up.” I stated for some unknown reason, like she couldn’t tell I just came all over myself, or helped for that matter.

Both of us so highly sexually charged and so confused at the actions that just took place. The thought occurred to me then, that I just had my second sexual experience of my life and it was again a family member, but this time is was with my sister instead of my daddy. My incestuous fantasies must run in the family.

I stood up in front of Becky, hands covering the wet spot; I was becoming embarrassed rather quickly when she grabbed the waistband of my shorts to stop me from leaving.

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