Ethan’s Confession

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“I’m sorry to bother you like this, Father James,” Ethan Barnes said after easing down into the over-sized leather seat on the other side of the massive oak desk that his spiritual mentor was sitting behind.

“Nonsense Ethan,” Father James said, dismissing the young man’s apology with a wave of his hand. “That’s what I’m here for, and besides, if you can’t talk to me, who can you talk to? We go back quite a ways, you and me, right?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Seems like it was only yesterday that you were an altar boy, and now look at you,” Father James remarked as he looked at the lad that didn’t look all that different then than now. “How old are you now, son?”

“Eighteen sir,” Ethan said. “Going to college in the fall.”

“Good for you son,” Father James said, sighing as he wondered where the years went in addition to breathing a sigh of relief when he heard the age of his young disciple. “I’m proud of you. Now what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Um… it’s kinda tough to… I mean, the stuff I tell you,” Ethan squeaked, his voice barely above a whisper. “You won’t tell anybody, will you?”

“Of course not, son,” Father James said, his ruddy complexion showing on his chubby cheeks, and as he leaned over the desk he urged Ethan to confide in him without fear.

“A couple of months ago my Mom got me a membership to the gym – you know – to get in shape? Lifting weights and stuff?”

Father James nodded, managing to keep from smiling at the thought of young Ethan lifting weights, because while he was probably six foot tall now, he couldn’t weigh more than 130 pounds or so soaking wet. The lad’s biceps were so skinny that it looked as if you could circle them with your thumb and index finger.

“Well, this man, he said I did something but it was an accident,” Ethan blurted out, his eyes as wide as saucers.

“Slow down,” Father James said, smiling as he leaned back into the chair. “You seem troubled, Ethan, but everything will be alright, I assure you. Take your time and tell me everything. What man accused you of what? We have all night son. Tell me everything, and remember that the truth will set you free.”

“Okay,” Ethan said, and took a deep breath before starting over. “At the gym, after you workout, you can take a shower in the locker room, you know?”

“Of course. Hygiene is very important,” Father James replied, and using a technique he had perfected over the years, reached down and unzipped his fly.

Without breaking eye contact and without the slightest hint that anything was going on behind the desk, Father James had pulled his penis out and was gently pulling on himself. He knew from experience that this was going to be a good story.

“Well, I took a shower,” Ethan resumed. “And after I finished and got dressed I started to walk home.”

“You don’t drive?”

“I – we don’t have a car,” Ethan explained. “After my father left us, things got kinda tough money-wise.”

“I see. So you were walking home?”

“Yes sir. I was walking down West Avenue and all of a sudden this car pulls up next to me and the passenger door flew open,” Ethan said. “The man driving said to get in or else I was going to be in trouble.”

“Did you know this man?”

“No. Well, sort of but not really.”

“You didn’t get in the car then, did you Ethan?”

“I wasn’t going to, but he started to get mad and said he was going to tell the cops what I did if I didn’t get in the car.”

“So you got in the car with this man you didn’t know? That could have been dangerous, getting into a stranger’s car.”

“Well, I didn’t know him, but I had seen him at the gym a few times,” Ethan said. “He would smile at me and even said hello to me a couple of times. He’s about your age, but his head is completely bald and he’s really muscular. The man drove me in the opposite direction from my house, to this place just outside of town where he lives.”

“What did you do to upset him so?” Father James asked.

“He said that in the showers he saw me – you know – looking at him.”

“Were you?” Father James asked, giving his cock a long hard pull as he adjusted his position in the chair. “Did you look at the man?”

“No. I mean, yeah, maybe a little.”

“That’s alright,” Father James said. “It’s human nature to be curious. You’re a young man and I’m sure your mind and body are going through a lot of changes. I think maybe the man was overreacting a bit. After all, it’s a rather communal atmosphere in a locker room, so expecting complete privacy is a bit much.”

“That’s not why he said he was mad. Not really,” Ethan said. “The man said he thought I was playing with myself behind the partition while I was looking at him.”

“I see.”

“I wasn’t,” Ethan blurted out. “Really. I was just scrubbing my private parts.”

“It was a while ago, but I was your age once too Ethan,” Father James remarked as he watched Ethan squirm under his glare. “When you’re young you have these urges and you start thinking about things you never considered casino oyna before. Do you look at other fellows in the shower often?

“No,” Ethan said, shrugging his shoulders when he got a raised eyebrow from Father James after his less than convincing reply. “I try not to, but sometimes I just take peeks.”

“Okay, so this man took you to his house. Then what happened?”

“This is embarrassing,” Ethan muttered. “I was scared.”


“He made me take my clothes off.”

“Made you?”

“He told me I’d better, so I did,” Ethan said. “Then he told me to do what I was doing to myself back in the shower. You know?”

“Masturbate? He made you masturbate in front of him?” Father James asked, leaning on the desk and letting go of his throbbing manhood before he lost control.

“Yes, but I couldn’t.”

“You couldn’t what?”

“Get – get aroused.”

“You weren’t able to achieve an erection?” Father James asked, and after Ethan nodded he asked whether that was something that happened to him frequently.

“No. Never. It’s just that I was so scared that I couldn’t no matter how much I tried. Then he said I probably needed some inspiration.”

“I don’t understand.”

“He got undressed. Got naked like I was.”

“Let me get this straight. You and the man were both naked and masturbating?”

“He wasn’t doing it,” Ethan said. “Just me. The man was just standing there making me look at him while I did it.”

“I see. This probably made you even more nervous,” Father James mused, and then watched Ethan shake his head slightly. “No? You looked at the man and got aroused? Like you did in the shower?

“I know it’s wrong,” Ethan sobbed as Father James fumbled to get his erection into his trousers before standing and coming around the desk to a small cabinet where he kept a bottle of Chivas Regal, and after pouring a couple of healthy drinks came over to the love seat and eased down next to Ethan.

“Here,” Father James said. “This might help. It’s okay. Drink it down.”

Father James stifled a chuckle when he saw Ethan’s reaction to the liquor that he had swallowed too quickly, putting his hand on Ethan’s bony knee while asking him if he was okay.

“Better?” Father James asked while Ethan choked a little bit. “Now while I know you think what you did was wrong, it really wasn’t anything horrible. Nobody got hurt or anything, so you might be making too much of it.”

“That wasn’t all,” Ethan said, swallowing hard. “He – he made me do other stuff – stuff to him.”

“I see, Father James said softly, his hand clenched tightly just above the young man’s knee. “He made you do things?”

“Yeah – I mean no – not exactly made me,” Ethan said.

“Tell me Ethan. Tell me everything. Something tells me that’s you’re holding back. Now what happened after he had you masturbate?”

“When I was doing that he told me that I had to catch the – my semen – in my hand, and after I did he told me to swallow it.”

“Your own seed?”

“Yes, Father. Then he made me – do I have to tell you everything?”

“Yes, son. You’ll feel so much better, I promise.”

“He told me to get on my knees, and after I did he put his – you know – in my mouth.”

“His penis? He had you preform oral sex on him?” Father James said, and then apologized when Ethan winced from the intense grip he had on the young man’s thigh. “Sorry. And you did this?


“Did he tell you how to do this or is this something you know… oh. I see.”

“Only a few times before, Father James. I swear. I have a uncle who visits us and he makes me do it to him too.”

“Makes you, Ethan?” Father James asked. “You use that word a lot. Are they telling you to do it or are they forcing you?”

“I guess – I guess I don’t want them to be mad at me if I say no.”

“But Ethan, if you don’t want to do these things, you have every right to say no.”

“But that’s the problem, Father James,” Ethan whined.

“What it, my son?”

“The stuff they have me do – I want to do it. I like to,” Ethan sobbed.

“Are you telling me that you’re a homosexual, Ethan?”

“Think so. Please don’t tell my Mom.”

“Relax Ethan,” Father James said as he put his arm around the lad and consoled him. “Your secret is safe with me. Besides, it’s not like I haven’t heard things like this before. As a matter of fact, not long ago another young man in the parish recently told me something very similar to what you told me.”


“Yes,” Father James said. “He told me everything and now he’s free of all guilt and everything else connected with it. It’s not a crime, you know, so long as you aren’t being forced.”

“I guess I’m kinda easily… I don’t know the word.”

“Easily persuaded? Coerced?” Father James suggested. “Submissive, perhaps?”

“I guess so.”

“Is there more to tell me?” Father James asked. “To be perfectly honest, knowing that you weren’t being forced to do these things changes the way I’m thinking about it.”

“Frankly, canlı casino it makes what you’re saying somewhat erotic,” Father James continued with a twinkle in his eye. “You see, I too had a similar experience when I was your age. I was scared as well, but after a while, let’s just say it turned out to be a very pleasant experience.”

“Wow!” Ethan sighed at hearing that revelation, barely noticing the hand that had started on his knees was now halfway up his thigh.

“So you were performing oral sex on this man?” Father James asked, bringing the conversation back to the topic.

“Yes Father. I was doing it for a long time. Seemed like hours to me, my mouth kept getting dry. My knees were aching from kneeling on the floor and my jaws hurt like crazy, on account of how he was so big.”

“The man was well endowed?” Father James said breathlessly, and Ethan nodded. “Is that why you were staring at the man in the shower? Because he had a large penis?”

“I couldn’t get the man to have an orgasm, and I was afraid that I wasn’t doing it good enough, but he said on account of him being old he couldn’t do it more than once,” Ethan explained, and then lowered his voice and eyes as he finished. “He said he was holding back because he wanted to cum doing something else to me.”

“Something else?” Father James asked. “You mean he – he wanted to have you anally?”

“Yes,” Ethan whispered.

“Was this something you had done before?”

“No, father. Never,” Ethan insisted. “I was really scared, and I told him I didn’t want to do it, but he said that by the time he was through with me I would be begging for more.”

“So you let him take you?” Father James said while continuing the gently squeezing of Ethan’s thigh and for the first time noticing the bulge that was visible in the lad’s pants.

“Yes, father. I did let him do it. It hurt so bad at first that I thought I was going to die, and he told me to stop crying and take it like a man,” Ethan said. “I bit the pillow that he had my face shoved into, hoping that he would be fast as least, but he wasn’t. And he was right too.”

“Right about what, son?”

“About – about wanting more. I really liked it. I was sorry when it was over and ever since then I keep wanting it to happen again. Not with him though.”

“Why? Because he was so large?”

“No, I really liked that about him. It’s just that he was mean and made fun of my body and stuff. He wouldn’t even touch me because he said he wasn’t gay.”

“Well, that an strange thing to say coming from someone doing what he was to you. Regardless, that’s not a good relationship to have, Ethan. You should find a nice young man around your age. One that cares for you and will give you love.”

“Guys my age are childish and immature,” Ethan explained. “Older guys – they kind of excite me. I need someone who would be understanding and patient with me, and not laugh at my body.”

“I don’t know why anybody would laugh at you, Ethan,” Father James replied. “I would love to be slim and trim like you are.”

“I try to gain weight. Mom says I eat like a horse but nothing happens.”

“Again, I’m jealous,” Father James said as he patted his stomach. “Enjoy that while you can because that will change in time. I’m sure that you don’t see yourself as you really are, and if you don’t mind me saying so, it certainly doesn’t appear that you have anything to be ashamed of.”

Father James nodded down in the direction of the bulge in Ethan’s slacks that angled over to his right pocket, and when Ethan looked down his face turned crimson.


“Nothing to apologize about, Ethan.”

“I guess telling you about what happened to me with that man got me kinda excited,” Ethan explained. “That and – um – your hand.”

“Oh. My turn to apologize,” Father James said, but his hand stayed on the thigh of the young man. “I guess I got caught up in your story as well. Especially after you admitted that you liked it. I to was aroused.”

“No need to apologize,” Ethan said, repeating what had just been said to him. “And you were right. Telling you everything – it really helped. I’m glad I did. You’ve always been good to me, Father.”

Ethan put his hand on top of the one that was holding his thigh, his fingers stroking the grey hairs on the back of the meaty paw just as Father James was sliding it over to the bulge.

“You want to show me your body, don’t you son?” Father James sighed as his hand slid along the length of the bulge. “You want to take you clothes off for me like you did with that man.”

“You won’t laugh at me, will you Father?” Ethan asked with pleading eyes, and then lifted his shirt over his head.

Ethan looked much like what Father James had expected as the shirt went over the young man’s face. Almost painfully skinny, Ethan’s chest was pale and smooth with his breastbone visible, his shoulders bony and his arms were reed thin. The faint wisps of light brown hair that were nestled deep in the hollows of the lad’s armpits caught the pastor’s eye before kaçak casino Ethan quickly lowered his arms.

“Stand up, son,” Father James asked, and after Ethan stood up he let him undo his belt and tug his slacks down his pale bony legs.

“Oh my,” Father James sighed as Ethan was kicking the slacks from around his ankles, the pastor’s eyes fixed on the tight white briefs with the outrageous bulge that bowed the cotton outward.

“Ooh,” Ethan whimpered, his legs twitching as Father James brought his hand up and ran in along the outline of his penis as it arched over toward Ethan’s hip, the flesh under the cotton feeling as hard as blue steel.

“Does this feel good, son?” Father James asked as he slowly ran his hand along the bulge, his own manhood growing stiff in his trousers. “Can I take your underwear down?”

Ethan nodded, biting his lower lip as he screwed his eyes shut, only glancing down when he felt Father’s hands taking the elastic in his hands and easing the briefs down. Father James was very careful as he moved the underwear past the bulge, but even that didn’t stop Ethan’s cock from springing around wildly after being freed from the garment.

“Oh my,” Father James gasped as he ducked back away from the young man’s member as it bounced around as if it were a diving board. “Look at you!”

“I know it’s skinny,” Ethan remarked as he watched Father James staring at his erection.

“I don’t know what to say, other that you’re very well endowed” Father James said as he helped Ethan get his underwear from off of his ankles, his eyes never leaving what had to be close to 8″ of very erect penis, and the fact that it was attached to such a scrawny body made it even more impressive.

Father James reached under the arching prong that was so erect that it curved a bit towards Ethan’s stomach, coaxing his skinny thighs apart to get at a sight nearly as impressive, and when Ethan’s low-hanging balls were cupped in his mentor’s hand he groaned.

“Nice,” Father James sighed as he kneaded the hairless pouch, rolling Ethan’s nuts in his palm as he watched a bead of pre-cum ooze from the tip of the gumdrop-sized glans. This feel good?”

“Yes, Father,” Ethan grunted as Father James twisted the dangling orbs gently. “Will you do it too? Get undressed I mean?”

“If you wish, although I must worn you that I’m nowhere near as impressive a sight as you are,” Father James said as he reluctantly let go of the lad’s scrotum and stood, unbuttoning his shirt under the scrutiny of his young protege.

As Father James pulled his shirt off and set it aside, Ethan smiled as he gazed at the barrel chest and the gold medals that twinkled as they rested in the pillow of silver hair that coated the upper body of the priest.

“Go ahead,” Father James said as he saw Ethan’s hand start to reach towards him, and with that Ethan’s hand went to his chest, his fingers raking through the grey cloud of hair before finding the pudgy nipple below.

“Soft,” Ethan whispered as he raked his fingers through the silver pelt in between plucking the plump nipple below.

The look on the face of Father James showed how torn he was, but Ethan’s eyes and thoughts were elsewhere. Father James tried to make his hands stop moving toward the young fellow’s belt, but they seemed to be moving on their own, and then after his fingers undid the clasp of his trousers he actually did stop for a second.

The second passed, however, and then the clasp came free. It was all too much to resist; the feel of young Ethan’s fingers squeezing his nipples and the sight of his freakishly long member waving in front of him. Father James let go of the top of the trousers and they fell to the floor, with the sound of the change that fell out of his pockets rolling on the hardwood as loud as his breathing.

“Omigod! – Sorry, Father,” Ethan quickly said after he looked down when Father James took off his boxers shorts. “Your cock is fu… huge!”

Indeed, Father James was fully aroused, and while is massive cock did not curl up towards his stomach like Ethan’s did, the monolith that bobbed out in front of him was just as an impressive sight to be sure.

“Oh man!” Ethan grunted as he reached down at grabbed the shaft of his mentor’s organ, his slender fingers not coming close to encircling the girth of it. “Yours is even bigger than that man’s! Look how much bigger you are than me.”

“Nonsense Ethan,” Father James replied as he looked down at their organs, both of which Ethan was holding, one on top of one the other. “Not much difference at all.”

“Yours is way thicker,” Ethan said as he set his cock on top of his mentor’s, and in fact there wasn’t much difference in the length, but the sight of the priest’s thick beige rod under Ethan’s long pale tube accentuated the outrageous difference in thickness, a difference that seemed to excite the young man. “Feels good, doesn’t it Father?”

Father James nodded as he looked down at the lad manipulating their organs, the sensation of the hot flesh rubbing each other becoming even more erotic when Ethan brought the tender tips of their cocks together. The gum-drop head of Ethan’s manhood was drooling, coating the plum-sized glans of the older man with his seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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