Exploring my Sexuality Ch. 02

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Just a quick recap from the first chapter. I’d made my first trip to a sauna, lost my virginity, got spit-roasted and then another guy came in my ass all before I left. The last guy left me his number and I just couldn’t resist. This story will contain some crossdressing.

I’d gone back to my normal life for a number of weeks since my trip to the sauna. Having officially confirmed my status as a bisexual man, I continued to hide my newly found side from my girlfriend. We met up multiple times since my trip to the sauna and I’d fucked her many times. Enjoying each time, sometimes even fantasising that I was the one being fucked by the young guys massive cock.

After about a month, I couldn’t resist any longer, I found his number which I’d stored in my draw at work knowing no-one else would find it. I tried to pluck up the courage to text him, all the while thinking that he probably did this with every guy he met. I was on my lunch break at work and decided it would be now or never. I finally sent the text before he quickly replied:

Me: Hi, I believe we met a few weeks ago at the sauna?

Him: Erm… you’re going to have to be more specific? I meet a lot of guys.

I couldn’t believe I was about to send the next text, I made sure to delete the evidence as soon as I did.

Me: You fucked me in the showers before cumming inside me? Left me your number before you left.

Him: Oh yeah, I’m surprised it took you this long to respond, normally get a text before I’ve had chance to make it home from the sauna

Me: Well, I’m not going to lie, I tried to avoid it but I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me and how I want more…

Him: Haha, I knew you’d come back, when we meeting?

Me: That’s the problem, I can’t have you in my place so where could we meet?

Him: Don’t worry about that, we can meet at my place, my parents may be home but I don’t care, you can probably stay over as well. And I know your a sissy, some bring something nice to wear. See you Saturday anytime after 5pm.

And with that the meet was arranged, he no longer replied to my texts after sending me his address but I didn’t seem to care. I was excited for the weekend. I had to prepare my outfit for him, he was right, I was a sissy and did like to crossdress occasionally. So I picked out some sexy lingerie and some nightwear and put it in a bag ready for the weekend.

I made my excuses to my family and girlfriend, telling them I’d be working late on Saturday. And before I left for work on Saturday I made sure to have a nice long shower, shaving as much of my ass I could so I was nice and smooth for my meet. I finished work at 5pm and made the 30 minute drive to his house. I parked my car around the corner, collected my bag from the car and made my way to his door and knocked.

His Mom answered and that took me by surprise, I didn’t know what to say but luckily she beat me to it.

‘Oh hi, you must be Sean.’ she said. ‘Mark mentioned he had a friend coming round to do some college work this afternoon. Why don’t you come in? He’s in his room upstairs. Are you staying over? Mark knows where all the guest sheets are and the air bed. He’ll get you sorted.’

And she stepped to the side to let me into their house, which was lovely she called out to Mark who was upstairs to let him know I was here. I could see his Dad sat in the living room watching sports as I made my way upstairs to Mark’s room. At least I had a name now, but surely this wasn’t going to happen with them in the house. Was it?

I quickly got upstairs and found Mark sitting in his room playing video games. His room was cute, quite a large bedroom with a big double bed, a desk with a laptop on it and then a large TV which his eyes were currently fixated on as I entered the room. The bathroom was just across from his room and I assume what was his parents room was at the end of the hallway. I sat on the end of the bed and we chatted whilst he continued to play his video games. Told me he was 19 and his parents knew that he was gay.

‘So I take it were not going to… you know?’ I asked him

‘What? Why? Why wouldn’t we?’ He immediately turned his attention towards me.

‘Your parents are literally right downstairs, theres no way we can fuck’, I responded quietly.

He just looked at me with a smirk on his face and said, ‘What? And you’ve never fucked your girlfriend while either of your parents have been in the house? Besides, do you really think they believe your here to study?’

He had me there, I couldn’t deny that I’d fucked my girlfriend many times while my parents and her parents were home.

He went back to playing his video games and said, ‘Now, if you’ve got something you’d like to get changed into, then go right ahead.’

I smiled, picked up my bag and headed off into the bathroom. Quickly stripping out of my clothes and tossing them into a pile in the corner of the bathroom, I dipped into my bag and pulled out my outfit. It wasn’t much, casino oyna but I’d brought a nice pink lingerie set which included thong bottoms, some knee high sports socks and a tartan skirt. I didn’t want to over do it, I didn’t know how much he was into this sort of thing. Also in the bag was some spare knickers, and a satin baby-doll I thought about wearing for bed.

I made my way back into his bedroom and towards the bed, making sure to close his bedroom door on my way in, terrified that I’d bump into one of his parents whilst dressed like this. I laid myself down on his bed, trying to position myself in the sexiest way possible so he would notice me. It didn’t work. He was completely focused on his video games, so I had to find a way to distract him. I slowly crawled my way on to my hands and knees and made my way to the end of the bed where he was sitting on his computer chair playing games.

I gently leaned across and began to kiss him on the neck, using my hands to roam around his body, stroking his chest as I nibbled on his ear. I whispered into his ear, ‘I want… your… massive… cock.’ I seen his cock twitch in his shorts but again there was no movement. He was clearly intent on making me work for it.

I decided there was only one way I was going to get his attention, so I climbed off the bed and onto my hands and knees on the floor. I crawled round in front of him making sure I didn’t block his screen, after all I didn’t want to make him angry. I was now positioned so that I was just an inch away from his dick, and I could already make out the monster that was hiding beneath his shorts. I’d forgotten just how big it actually was and I also couldn’t believe I was about to do this with his parents downstairs.

I stroked his cock through his shorts, feeling the impressive size of the man who was about to fuck me once again, whilst I dressed like a little slut for him. I started to tug at his shorts a little bit before he lifted his ass slightly off the chair allowing me to pull them all the way off, as his massive cock sprung out of them almost hitting me in the face. I threw his shorts off to the side of the room and then lost myself for a few seconds as I stared at his massive cock which was standing straight up in front of me.

Once I’d snapped back into the real world, I started to stroke his cock using both my hands, causing him to let out a little whimper. If I kept this up, there was no way he could ignore me. I let go of his cock and extended my tongue just to lightly caress his balls, again causing another moan from him. I worked my tongue all the way up his shaft, taking my time with him before I reached the head and kissed the tip of his cock.

I then took the head of his cock into my mouth and continued to swallow the next couple of inches. I’d love to deep throat it all, but I need to build up to that. I continued to suck on his cock, my head bobbing up and down quickly whilst my hand massaged his balls. He was moaning and groaning every time my mouth worked its way down his shaft, taking another inch or so with every suck. Finally, I heard him throw his remote control onto the bed and he sat back and relaxed as I went to work on him.

This went on for a couple of minutes before he began to press my head down into his crotch, forcing me to take more and more of his massive cock into his mouth. I was starting to gag and choke as I made my way down to the base of his cock. My eyes were watering and eventually he let up once I’d managed to take his full cock in my mouth.

He then picked me up off the floor, before embracing me in a long passionate kiss. I was rock hard and the tip of my cock had escaped at the top of the thong I was wearing. His hands roamed all over my body before he spanked my ass causing a loud noise before throwing me onto the bed which made an even bigger noise. I was sure his parents would have been able to hear but I didn’t care anymore.

He climbed onto the bed and pinned my legs towards my chest and pulled my thong to the side, exposing my asshole to him. I grabbed my legs allowing him to use both hands to spread my ass before he dives in head first and starts giving me the most amazing rim job. I was moaning and groaning, the pleasure was incredible and I just couldn’t help myself. He slipped one of his fingers inside me with ease after he’d used his tongue to get me nice and wet. He then started to work two fingers into me and then three, making sure I was nice and stretched ready for his cock.

After a few minutes of working his fingers in my asshole, he withdrew them and made his way up to the side of my head on the bed, I let my legs fall to the edge of the bed and he immediately straddled my chest with his cock in front of my face. I went back to sucking his cock as he reached across to his bedside table, pulled out the lube and condoms before waving a condom in my face.

‘Do I need one of these?’ He said.

With a mouthful of cock, I just shook my head to say no. I wanted canlı casino to feel his cock erupt inside me. With his cock still in my mouth, he spread some lube onto his fingers and reached back, I instinctively spread my legs as he began to spread the lube across my asshole and then inserting a finger into my ass. He took his cock out of my mouth and began to work his way down my body, kissing me as he made his down. He also removed my clothes at the same time, first the bralette was up and over my head, then he unzipped my skirt and chucked that to the side of the room before practically ripping my thong off. He decided to leave the socks.

‘As sexy as you look with all that on, I want to watch your cock bounce while I fuck you.’ And as he said that, he took my rock hard cock into his mouth and sucked on it for a couple of seconds before grabbing the lube and applied a generous amount to his dick.

‘Please take it slow.’ I pleaded with him. ‘I haven’t been fucked since the last time you fucked me.’

He didn’t respond but the gentle kiss he gave me and his cock was pressed against my ass told me he was going to look after me. He then sat back on his knees, spread my legs wide and slowly began to press his cock into my ass. At first the pain was intense as the head popped in. I tried to breathe and stay relaxed and eventually he managed to get a few inches inside me before he stopped to let me adjust. He then leaned back into me, and kissed me once again. The kiss took me away from the situation and I forgot all about the pain.

He then broke the kiss and just said to me, ‘there you go baby, I’m all the way inside you now.’ I didn’t even realise but while we were kissing, he was continuing to push himself inside me. The pain had quickly turned to pleasure. This was completely different to the last time he’d fucked me, but this was better. It was more like making love rather than a pure fucking. Its a good job he was kissing me otherwise I’d of been moaning loud enough for the whole street to hear.

After fucking me like this for a few minutes, he then leant back, pushed my legs together and pushed them back towards my chest, his cock was now deeper inside me than it ever had been. It felt INCREDIBLE. I let out a long moan as he grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head.

‘You ready for a good fucking?’ He said looking down at me.

I tried to respond with a yes but it soon turned into a long moan as he began to fuck me hard and fast. The noises of his balls slapping against my ass, the headboard hitting the wall, the bed creaking and my moaning with every thrust filled the room. There was no way we could hide the noises coming from the room, his parents must have known what we were up to. I was almost struggling to catch my breath from all the moaning, his cock hitting the right spot every time. My cock was leaking an enormous amount of pre cum all over my stomach.

I’d always wanted to be dominated and it was happening. Helpless as he used his massive cock to fuck my ass hole. I felt like I could explode at any moment, my cock throbbing between our bodies, before he quickly pulled out of me and commanded me to get on all fours so he could fuck me from behind. I had a feeling he was going to cum soon, but I was staying the night so there’d be plenty more action.

He wasted no time and quickly got his cock back inside me and resumed the pounding that he was giving me. He leaned his body over the top of mine and reached for my cock. He must have only stroked me once or twice.

‘Arghhhhh shit… I’m gonna cum… don’t fucking stop… keep going… yes… yes… yes… I’m cumming!!’

And I then exploded all over the bed sheets beneath me, spurt after spurt erupting from the end of my dick. It was by far the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I could feel my body shaking and convulsing, my knees had gone weak and I was barely holding myself up.

He released my cock, put both hands on my hips and really started to fuck me, spanking me so hard it was sure to leave a mark. I could hear his breathing quickening as he fucked me faster and faster. I knew he was past the point of no return, he was going to fuck me like this till he cums inside me.

‘Give it to me.’ I said looking over my shoulder towards him. ‘I want your fucking cum inside me… fill me with your seed Daddy.’

I don’t know if it was the word Daddy but something brought him must closer to the edge.

‘Oh yeah, you fucking want it? He said almost through gritted teeth as he pounded my ass. ‘Your gonna fucking get it… here it comes… arghhhhh… I’m cumming.’

I felt his cock pulse inside me and then the eruption from his cock as he flooded my ass with his cum. Thrust after thrust, releasing more cum into me, making sure to milk his cock as much as he could, before pulling out of me as we both collapsed next to each other on the bed to recover.

A few hours passed and it was getting on for about 10pm, we’d spent most of the time spooning kaçak casino and chatting about life. I kind of felt like his ‘fuck boy’ life wasn’t what it seemed otherwise I’d of been kicked out after he fucked me. I needed a drink, but realised I’d left my clothes in the bathroom, his parents had gone to bed so there wasn’t much risk in me going downstairs. I grabbed a clean pair of knickers from my bag, a cute brazillian pair with lace around the edges that showed the right amount of cheek. He threw me one of his t-shirts from his wardrobe which just to say covered my ass, but you could see a little bit of my knickers.

I headed off downstairs, and he was right. His parents had gone to bed and the downstairs was in darkness. I found the glasses cupboard and quickly got myself a glass of water before making my way back upstairs. I could see the light on in the bathroom and just hoped it was Mark getting himself cleaned up. That was until as I reached the top of the stairs and the bathroom door opened and out came his Mom. This was about to get embarrassing real quick.

I tried to make a quick dash for the bedroom, but I wasn’t quick enough. She caught me as I just made it to the door. I mean there was probably a stain on my pants where the cum was making its way out from my ass.

‘Oh hi sweetie, everything okay? I’ve folded your clothes and they’re on top of the wash basket in the bathroom.’ I wanted the ground to swallow me whole, but I had to turn round.

‘I’m good thanks, I appreciate you letting me stay over.’ I said, my face was probably beetroot red by now but luckily there was no lights on in the hallway. ‘I just wanted to grab a glass of water before we settled in for the night.’

‘Yeah, it’s thirsty work isn’t it.’ I could make out a feint smile on her face as she said that and that just increased the level of embarrassment. ‘Right, well goodnight love. Sleep well, and I love those pants, so cute.’

I was in the door quicker than Usain Bolt was off the starting blocks. Mark was just laid on his bed laughing. Anyway, getting into bed for the night, we immediately took up the spooning position with me as the little spoon. There was something nice about it, almost felt safe and protected with his big arms around me. We must have only slept for a couple of hours before I was woken by wandering hands.

I could feel his hard dick pressing into my leg, the tshirt had been pulled up and knickers around my thighs exposing my ass to him as he gently rubbed some lube onto my ass. As he was rubbing the lube into my asshole, I could hear the feint sounds of someone moaning and it wasn’t either of us. Every now and then the moans got a little louder and it was obvious that his parents were fucking just down the hall from us.

I then felt his cock pressed into my ass and he entered with ease, causing me to let out a long groan, that familiar feeling of pleasure soon returned and I couldn’t resist stroking my cock while he fucked me. Soon the moans that were coming from me cancelled out the noises his parents were making. He reached around me and began to play with my nipples underneath the shirt I was wearing. I’d never had this done before and it brought me even more pleasure which caused me to moan even more.

He suddenly pulled out of me and jumped off the bed, he took my hand and took me over to the wall near the bedroom door. He bent me over and I quickly put my hands out in front of me to support myself before he quickly put his cock back inside me and went back to fucking me. Whilst he was fucking me, he opened his bedroom door slightly which increased the level of noise of the moans coming from down the hall, and probably made sure that they could hear us.

As quiet as I was trying to be, it wasn’t working, he had quickened the pace once more as his cock constantly applied pressure to my prostate and I quickly found myself wanking myself off again. Just as I reached the point of no return, I quietly whispered to him that I was cumming and I quickly shoved my cock back into the knickers making sure I came inside them, so I didn’t make to much of a mess on the floor. Through my orgasm, my legs started to buckle underneath me from the pleasure, luckily Mark was strong enough to support me as he continued his assault on my ass.

Mark was close to cumming for the second time this evening but this time I wanted to taste him. As he warned me he was getting close, he slipped his cock out of my ass and I immediately dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock. My head bobbing up and down wanting the prize at the end of it all, I used my hand to wank him at the same time before he reached his climax quickly.

‘Oh shit… oh shit… that’s so good. Get ready to take my load baby cause here… it… cumsssssssss.’ And with a long groan his cock started to explode inside my mouth and boy could this guy cum. It came out far to quickly and I swallowed what I could but some of it spilled out the corner of my mouth and onto his t-shirt that I was wearing. And from the noises from down the hall, it seemed like we weren’t the only ones to reach our climax. We heard a groan and then a shout of ‘I’m cumming’ as Mark’s Dad filled his Moms pussy full of cum.

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