I Never Imagined – Emma Pt. 03

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As I lay there in Emma’s bed, a disheveled but satisfied mess, I began to think back over my past and to wonder if, in reality, it was all just leading to this inevitable happening…

Raised as an only child to an alcoholic single mother I didn’t really have the best start. I would always hide behind humour and geekiness. The geek boys at school loved me, mostly because I was a girl who would talk to them. I was a pretty-ish teenager, although several bouts of acne plagued all of my school photos, but I was never troubled by the good looking or popular boys.

My first boyfriend had been Henry. He was a fun guy with a great mop of mad brown hair, freckles and a cute smile. He was tall and slim, a pattern that would follow in all of my partners. He was also my first kiss.

Henry didn’t last long and in my final year of high school I was actually asked out by Gareth. Gareth was a truly handsome boy. He was blonde haired, blue eyed and all of the girls liked him. So when he asked me out it was a big surprise. I had pretty much fully formed my physique by then and I guess Gareth likes big bums. He was a fun boyfriend and several dates ended in kissing and fondling. I even gave him a handjob in his bedroom one time. He didn’t last long as I soon found out he was also dating about 4 other girls. But it was fun while it lasted.

College soon followed at 16 and I loved it there. That’s where my personality really formed. I was always going to be a slightly more submissive character, but I was fun, funny and I guess a bit of an indie chick.

In my second year of college I met Luke. Luke was a music technology student and I think I genuinely loved him. We started going out after my friend Zoe hooked us up. He was wonderful. Tall, strong, tattoos. He was also my first. He has my V card. Luke wasn’t particularly noteworthy in the trouser department. He made me feel so beautiful and sexy and cared for though that the sex was actually pretty wonderful, even for my first time. We were together almost a year but sadly different universities meant that it was doomed to end.

That’s when I headed off to Manchester. Oh Manchester. What fun and debt university brings. I studied Business and Economics. There was a lot of work and I really through myself into it. My mother had passed away that summer and so uni work was a great outlet. It was here that I met Sian. Sian was a gorgeous, Welsh, red headed princess. She was stunning. I’d never really thought about being with a girl before but Sian made my tummy flutter and my pussy shudder.

I remember the first night I kissed her very well. It was a house party, great music, loads of drinks and narcotics floating around. I didn’t do either, seeing your mother die from abuse of substances and alcohol kind of has that effect. The added bonus being I could always remember everything.

We were dancing canlı bahis together to a good little set by our friend JJ. He was spinning some slick house beats when she just grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss. For a moment I had been shocked but I was soon really into it and we were snogging right there in the living/dance floor. Cheered on by some of the guys we ground up against each other and I felt the warmth of her pale, slim body against me. I was hot and wet. I had never been that turned on before.

The night carried on and I was never far from Sian. I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted but I knew that if she asked me back to hers I was going. Sadly though she passed out at about 1:30am on the bed of some other girl who lived at the house. And I decided to just head home.

The next day I got a text from her: Cant stop thinking about you Jess, I think you’re stunning and I’d love to go for a drink just us xxx. Attached was a photo of her in the sexiest lingerie. I was in! Sian and I met up later that evening. We talked and laughed and touched. She was incredible so intelligent and sexy. I wanted to kiss her every time she said something interesting which meant I wanted to kiss her all the time.

We sat and talked for hours before she asked me back to her flat. I couldn’t refuse. Moments after entering we were undressing and kissing each other so passionately. This was raw, sexual emotion. We found our naked bodies a tangled mess on her bed in no time.

She was beautiful. Skin pale and soft like silk. Dotted with freckles. Her breasts were perfect, round, pert and capped by two gorgeous pink nipples. Her bum was so grab-able and her pussy was completely bald. We tangled our limbs together and kissed for what felt like an age. I was loving this. I had never even considered my sexuality but it was clear that women, well at least this one, did more for me.

Soon Sian untangled herself and kissed down my body. She planted herself between my thighs and I was treated to a wonderful session of oral sex. She just knew how to get me going and I was gripping the sheets in no time. I came in her mouth and was delighted by her approving moan.

Then came my turn. I attempted to replicate her moves and succeeded (mostly). Sucking her clit gently between my lips and using my fingers to penetrate her I found I was clearly gifted. In the end I was merely using my tongue to make her orgasm, a skill which I had just made use of this very evening.

I drifted off to sleep recalling the beginnings oh my sexual history in the bed of my new lover.

I awoke. I was alone. It took me a while to find my bearings. I was still in Emma’s huge bed in the centre of her room. The dark tones of the walls made it still feel like night but the light from the doorway confirmed it was day time.

I slowly began to move and my pussy felt used. Used bahis siteleri in the best way though. My neck was stiff from my epic spell between her legs and my arse was still saw from her single violation. God I hope she doesn’t try that again with that big strap on.

I got up and slipped my black underwear back on. It had been folded neatly on a sideboard but my dress and shoes were nowhere to be seen. More importantly I had no bag or phone either.

I couldn’t even remember what day it was. Was I supposed to be at work? What time was it? Where was my stuff?

I slowly emerged from the room into the long corridor I had walked down with Emma last night. The high Georgian widows lit it beautifully. It must have been 60 foot long with 8 large windows. The dark oak floors have way to white walls, pocked with erotic artwork of the female form.

I hadn’t taken any of this in last night. I felt tiny in here. My messy dark hair flowing over my slightly tanned body was almost my only covering save for my lingerie. My small 5’4″ figure made its way along the direction I assume we came from. The house was still quiet and I still felt like I was in a daze.

I passed three large doors that were closed and headed to the open one at the end. I heard the sound of a piano as I approached. Gentle, melodic. It drew me in. As I entered though I was greeted by a sight I had not expected.

It was a large drawing room. Three antique sofas dotted the floor along with a grand piano. The walls were lined with bookcases on one side, windows on another and a single huge mural of Emma on the other.

At the piano sat a beautiful blonde woman. Younger than myself I’d guess. But she was truly gorgeous. Her blonde hair was long, her blue eyes deep. Her body, exposed. She sat there naked, playing wonderfully.

Suddenly a voice. “She’s good isn’t she?”. It was Emma. Standing behind me she placed a hand on each of my shoulders and held me in place.

“Amazing…” I gulped “who is she? Why…?” I couldn’t even finish the question.

“She’s another of my keepers Jess. She’s April, my resident musician and another of my fantastic lovers” she grinned. “You’ll love it when she goes down on you”.

“On… on me?” I just have sounded like a true moron. Stumbling over my words, looking confused. I was in a world though that I just didn’t understand yet.

“If you want Jess, you can stay and be part of this house. It’s my rules but I’m not evil. I want all of my girls to be happy and satisfied”.

“All of your girls?” I asked, trying to stay composed.

“My girls. My keepers. When I find a girl who fucks like a queen I keep her. You are my newest potential recruit.”

My mind was racing. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? What on this green ear… “oh my god” I sighed as Emma’s hand reached into my panties and began sliding up bahis şirketleri and down my slit.

“Seems like you’re interested” she laughed removing her fingers and seeing the moisture on them.

“This is all a lot to take in” I panted. April’s playing was wonderfully soundtracking this most bizarre encounter. Last night I thought I was falling in love with Emma, but it was dawning in me this was something different. This was almost like magic. She had me hypnotised. She had me right where she wanted, as one of her keepers.

“This who are kept are afforded their own room, may work for me and will be exactly that. Kept.”

My mind was racing. This wasn’t real was it? I was still sleeping. Perhaps I was daydreaming about Emma back at the networking event.

I was brought back to reality with April now striding across to me. In a smooth American accent she simply smiled and said, “you won’t regret it Jess.” She learnt in and kissed my lips. Good lord what a kiss. This naked blonde bombshell was now right up against me.

She was only an inch or two taller than me. Her body was lightly tanned and looked almost photoshopped. Goddess would cross the mind of most. She was clearly talented with her fingers and now her tongue was in my mouth.

I couldn’t help but feel I didn’t fit in here. I wasn’t a model level of beauty like Emma and April and… well who knows who else?

But I was enjoying the attention. I groped at her young naked form. Her breasts were firm but soft. Delightful. I was suddenly confronted by Emma pulling my panties down from behind me.

In seconds, before I could even take it in, April was kneeling in front of me licking my pussy. Oh she was good. Her tongue was farting from side to side, opening up my slit. Her fingers found their way into me and they really were talented. It took only moments of her tongue on my clitoris and her fingers massaging my cunt for me to cum. My legs buckled and Emma caught me.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she said. Her naked body propping me up. “Now you both need to thank your keeper”.

April quickly moved and knelt behind Emma. I knew what I needed to do. Emma was soon propped up by our mouths. Mine finding her moist, musky pussy. April’s face wedged between her gorgeous bum cheeks and her tongue teasing her rosebud.

I wanted Emma to cum so hard that I was on full 110% pleasure mode. Using all my skill to draw out her orgasm. My tongue lashing every millimetre of her sex. Soon her hands were tangled in our hair and I was rewarded with her moans and squeal of delight.

“Fuck! You two are really good” she moaned as her orgasm closed in. “Good pets”.

I was soon delighted to receive a squirt of her glorious cum from her pussy, right over my face and chest. Her pale gorgeousness quivering in delight as she came.

“Good girls” she smiled.

April shuffled over and greedily licked up as much of Emma’s climax from me as she could. It soon turned into us kissing vigorously and moaning as we ground up against each other right there on the floor…

To be continued…

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