Jenny and Carrie Ch. 02

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When they all were dressed and it all was ready, one thing was for sure. Leslie had really outdone herself with the dresses and the guys’ tuxes. Their wedding was to begin at 12 noon sharp, and was held in the big Baptist church in Pacific Heights.

When the organist started playing, Todd was the first out leading Leslie down the aisle, they were followed by Jon leading Katherine, Jenny leading Ross, and Carrie leading Claude. They all traded their vows and their rings, and as they shared their first kisses as married couples, Tobias read his poem. After that was finished, all four were greeted and congratulated by the whole family. Then they ran out to the limo being pelted with rice, where they were taken to the Fairmount for the reception.

By 7, those 4 newlyweds were packed and met over at Ross’, all ready to leave. Jenny, Carrie, Jon and Todd were already at Victoria’s, so the 2 women got into the car while their husbands made sure the house was secure.

They finally arrived in Menton at 7:30 Wednesday morning; Charles was there to get them. He helped Ross and Claude load the limo’s trunk with their luggage. Then he drove them to the Villa, it went without saying, that those 4 were very happy even hamper by jetlag. Once all arrived, they all unpacked, and both ladies changed into shorts and tops. Then they both entered the kitchen, where Sylvie had their breakfast ready.

“Well hello dear Katherine, hun I must say you look a lot happier that the last time you all were here. I was very happy for the 4 of you when Victoria called and told me the news. But dear, I was happiest for none more than you. I’m very glad and happy to finally get to see you like this. You each deserve this.” Sylvie told Katherine and hugged her.

“Yes you are right I’m very happy, and by the same token so are all 4 of the children. Hun, I’d like you to meet my sister. This is Leslie Flemming, Les dear this is Sylvie.” To which those two women greeted and hugged happily just as the men entered.

“Well I can tell we all are acquainted. ” Ross said and kissed Katherine on her cheek. To this she turned around and embraced him. To this display, Leslie cleared her throat.

“Alright you 2 there is enough time for all of that.” She laughed. “Just like that old saying goes: ‘It’s rude to make a public display of your emotions.’” To which Both Katherine and Ross laughed too.

“Ok. I’ll do my best to refrain from it.”

“I hope not!” Ross said with a bright smile. They all calmed down and ate, and then Claude suggested that they all needed to call Victoria and let her know they had arrived safely. So they all walked to the den where a speakerphone was and called home.

“Hello?” It was Tobias who answered.

“Hi Tobias, we all made it safe and sound.” Ross told him.

“Great! So how does it feel to finally be happily married?”

“Perfect! We all very much love this.” Both women told him.

“Well I’m glad to hear it. And god knows you each deserve it too. Well dears, enjoy yourselves, here is Victoria. I’ll see you when you return home.”

“Ok talk to you then.”

“Hello, how are my two new families doing today?” Victoria asked the, to which they all replied that each of them were extremely happy. That neither of them could imagine it any better. Those five sat and talked for a while.

“So how are our 4 young adults doing?” Katherine asked Victoria.

“Dears all 4 are very happy. So much so that none of them could stop talking about it. Both of your daughters are really starting to bond very closely together. They both are just like a close set of sisters already.” She told Katherine and Ross. Hearing this make Katherine smile very happily and brightly.

“Now that is really wonderful. What else is happening there?” Ross asked.

“Only one other important thing Ross dear, and this should be of great interest to all of you. Melanie has put your house up for sale, and she and her tennis champ have moved to New York. She told the real estate company to send her the money there. She also packed all of your, Carrie’s and Jon’s things in storage and brought the keys here.” Victoria explained.

“Damn! I wish I knew she was planning to do that. I could have bought it back for us, because I know it would have been perfect for all of us.” Ross said.

“Then I was right. I felt that was how you would feel. So, dear, I took the liberty and I bought it back for you all. So, dear Ross, don’t worry, hun that’s all taken care of. You each enjoy your honeymoons and we will see you when you each get back. We all love you each.”

“Thank you. And you know we each love you all too.” They said and hung up. Those 4 sat in the den talking until they each were so sleepy, that they were about to fall asleep right there. So, they all hugged and went to their rooms and fell into their beds.

Katherine woke up in the mid afternoon on Thursday. She sat up slowly and stretched, then she looked beside her, she was of course all smiles. Katherine casino siteleri eased up and got into her robe, deciding to let Ross sleep. She quietly exited her room, heading for the kitchen and some coffee. Just as she saw Leslie come out of her room, both hugged and kissed. Then they walked to the kitchen, where they poured themselves some coffee and sat down at the table talking.

“How did you sleep last night sis dear?” Katherine asked Leslie.

“Well if you want to know hun, I slept like a baby actually snuggled up to Claude.” Leslie answered flashing her bright smile. Then Leslie asked Katherine the same question, and that’s where both realized that they both felt the same way. Then Sylvie entered the kitchen to find them talking, and she greeted them. They asked her to get some coffee and join them, so she did just that.

“Well dears how did you each sleep? That is if either of you got any?” She laughed.

“Well dear, all we each did was sleep. We have plenty of time of all the rest.” Katherine answered laughing. Those 3 women sat talking for another hour, before the men finally got up and joined them in the kitchen. Where they hugged and kissed their wives and got some coffee and sat down with them. Once they did, Sylvie got up, and told each to have fun, and that she had things to get done.

“So what would you ladies like to do today?”

“How about heading over to the ‘swimming hole’? Katherine asked. To which everyone agreed, and Leslie told Katherine that they did need to work on their tans. Then Leslie thought of something.

“Hey, wait a minute, we didn’t bring our bikinis.” To this the other three just stared at her all smiling. “Oh I get it now. ‘No clothes needed’.” She laughed.

So for the rest of their honeymoons, Ross and Katherine showed off Niece, Menton, Paris, London and Monte Carlo to Leslie and Claude. But the majority of their time was spent at the ‘swimming hole’ all swimming, tanning, and even making love on the bank. As both Katherine and Ross had told them, Leslie and Claude noticed that the place was so secluded, that no one was within miles of the place so they felt safe. By the time the honeymoons were over, both Katherine and Leslie had all over deep dark tans.

They left Menton the next day, headed back for San Francisco and home. Which all four arrived happily back home at 3:36 on the 23rd, and after the men loaded the car. They headed back for Berkley and Ross’. Where they dropped off their luggage, and while Claude and Leslie loaded their car, Ross and Katherine put theirs in the house. Then all headed for Pacific Heights and Victoria’s. Where Tobias let them in, where her exchanged hugs with both women, and handshakes with Ross and Claude. Then he led them into the den where Victoria was waiting for them. She got up and greeted each and then they sat down.

“Well dears how did you each enjoy the honeymoons?”

“I’d have to say, we couldn’t imagine them going any better than they did. We each seemed to have the time of our lives.” Ross told her.

“I’m very glad to hear it. I must say that it appears that you ladies must have spent a lot of the time sunbathing. And dears it looks very stunning on the both of you. I also bet, that both of you could guess that both Jenny and Carrie are going to be very envious of you both.” Victoria laughed. Tobias left for the playroom to get the children, which in no time all four were all over the four adults, after they had hugged and kissed each, both girls were in total shock looking at both Katherine and Leslie.

“Good grief! You both are so dark. I hate to admit this but both of your tans look wonderful.” Jenny sighed.

“You are not kidding, we both are very jealous of you both.” Carrie added.

“Thank you girls, we both are glad you like them.” Leslie told them.

“Well dear, I haven’t told any of them about the big surprise you both have. Because I knew it would be better coming from their parents.” Katherine told Katherine and Ross, who shook their heads both smiling. As she told this, all four children were looking at their parents expectantly.

“What secret?’ Both Jenny and Carrie asked together. So both Katherine and Ross told each about Melanie moving away and had put the house up for sale. And then explained to them, that their great grandmother had found out about what was going on and had bought it back for them.

“So dears, we now have our house back, and now Jenny and Todd will have the space and a house to live in again. Carrie you and Jon are going to stay at your school, and now you have your brother and sister to show around and help each get settled in. Jenny you and Todd will both love this school. Not to mention that you will also have rooms big enough for you. Both you sisters will share a room and will you brothers. Dears, just wait until you both see this house, it a lot bigger than either of you can imagine.” Ross explained to the children. Then he looked to both Leslie and Claude.” Now I have a question for the both of you.”

“Yes?” canlı casino Leslie asked. To this, Claude knew what Ross was going to ask.

“Well since this house is about the size of a full mansion with enough room for 5 families would you both like to live there with us?” Ross explained in detail everything to Leslie. “This way while we both are at work both Katherine and Leslie would be together like they were earlier in their lives.” To his surprise both Katherine and Leslie were laughing.

“What’s so funny to you ladies?” Claude asked.

“Well dear this was what the both of us were talking about that day, about this same idea.”

Yes. We wanted to see if we all could find a house big enough for us to share.” Leslie finished.

“Alright! This will turn into a very big family.” Both girls stated happily.

“But sis, you still have to work at Health’s.”

“Well sister dear. Claude and I have been talking about this a great deal. We both decided that I should go ahead and resign. That way we can start on a family of our own. I had already decided for myself that when I finally got pregnant I wouldn’t try and stay there. Because I knew in my heart, that I would want to spend all that time with each and both my child and Claude. So, this plan here makes it even more special for me, knowing that we are living together, and I’ll have you there if I need help.” Leslie explained very happily. They all sat around and talked for a few more hours, then got their kids’ things and said goodbye to Victoria and Tobias, then headed for their homes.

From November 27th through the 12th of December, was spent getting everyone moved into the Tiburon Hills house. Once everything was moved in, Ross and Claude went back to work, and the kids were back in school, which left both Katherine and Leslie to set up and put their house together. Every night all the rest chipped in and did their share. This took another week to finish, once done they each spent getting back to their normal lives. All 8 made it through the holidays very happy and filled with joy.

On Monday February 16th, Leslie had noticed that her period was late by a few weeks. So, she told this bit of news to Katherine, who in turn told Leslie that hers was also weeks late also. So they both decide to call Linda and tell her. Linda hearing this made an appointment for her sisters later that day.

Linda ran both through all the tests, then let her sisters sit in her office while she got their results. Which took 2 hours, and then Linda entered the office and sat in her chair behind her desk.

“Well? What’s the news sis?” Katherine asked her.

“Well dears… you both are pregnant! ” Linda told each happily. To this news both Katherine and Leslie were hugging each other crying in joy.

“Les hun, you are 3 weeks in and dear Kathy you are 2 weeks in.”

“Thanks sis. We both really appreciate this. This is great news for the both of us.” Leslie said through her tears of joy. Linda told both that she knew it was, and then she instructed her sisters, that they needed to take very good care of themselves. And that she wanted to see both each month to check up on their progress.

“Sisters I’ll make you both an appointment for March 15th at 8 am.” Both Katherine and Leslie agreed, then those 3 sisters hugged and kissed and Katherine and Leslie headed for home.

When they got home, both sat on the couch and decided to call their husbands and tell each the news.

“Hello? This is the Hayward Corporation, Ross Hayward’s office. How may I help you?”

“Hi Janice, this is Katherine dear. Is Ross there?”

“Sure Mrs. Hayward, hold please.” So, Katherine had to sit there and listen to elevator music. Then Ross picked up.

“Hi there dear Katherine, How is everything? And what did Linda have to say?”

“Well dear you had better hold onto your seat for this. Are you ready?”

“Sure dear. What’s up?”

“Well I’m 2 weeks pregnant! But that’s not the biggest news and that is Les is also pregnant! She is 3 weeks in.”

“Wow! That is fantastic dear. This will certainly be an adventure. Well hun, I have to go now, I have a meeting so I’ll see you when I get home. I love you.” Ross told her.

“Ok dear, have a good meeting. I love you.” Then she hung up, and passed the phone to Leslie. Leslie called hoping to catch Claude at the office, but found out he was still over at the courthouse. His secretary Paula told Leslie, that she had no idea when he’d be back. But said she would have him call home when he got back. Leslie thanked her and hung up. So she and Katherine sat and talked for a few hours and watched a soap opera on TV. It was around noon when Claude called her back, where she told him that she and Katherine were both pregnant. He was very excited and happy for both of them, they talked for a few more minutes and he had to leave. Both traded ‘I love yous’ and hung up.

“Well dear sister, get ready for a very wonderful ride through your very first pregnancy.” Katherine told kaçak casino Leslie smiling.

“Ok sis, I know that you have got to know by now that I’m starting to get nervous about this. Please tell me all I should expect here. I’m very glad we both are in this together, because I’ll have you here to help me through this.” So, Katherine started to relay to Leslie all she could remember about both of her times being pregnant. When Katherine finished tell all she could remember, she thought for a minute.

“Look dear I have an idea. Let’s call Linda, to see if by chance she knows of any classes we can take. Because I think I really need a refresher course, seeing it’s been over 10 years since I’m been pregnant.”

“Now that sounds very wise sis.” Leslie agreed. So, Katherine reached over and called their sister’s office. When the receptionist answered she introduced herself and asked if Linda was there. So, she waited 5 minutes before Linda answered.

“Hi Kathy dear, what’s up sis?” To this both Katherine and Leslie relayed their conversation to their sister. Then they asked if she knew of a great class they could join, both saying it would help each out a lot.

“We can’t lie here, we both are a little nervous.” To this Linda told them that yes she did know of a perfect class. But also told each that if they wanted, she could do for them what they did in class. Also that she wanted to help her sisters in any way she could.

“This dear sisters, will be a joyous experience for the both of you. And I’ll make sure of that fact. Look dears I’ll come over tonight and start a class of our own when that time comes, we will have you both prepped and very ready.” Linda explained.

“That sounds like great plan to us. I do know we both feel and would be less nervous; know that you will be around to help us out. Thanks sis, we both will see you tonight then.” Then both hung up.

“That really does help a lot. Knowing that she is going to be there for us and to help us all the way through our pregnancies” Leslie said just as the front door opened, and both Jenny and Carrie entered from their day at school. Both girls sat their books and purses down in a chair, and went over and greeted the women.

“Well, how was your school gay today ladies?” Katherine asked them. “And where are your brothers?’

“School was a lot of fun. Dad was right, I do love it there.” Jenny told her mother.

“And our brothers joined the baseball team today, so they both are at practice.” Carrie answered. “What happened today? Both of you look very happy.”

“Well dears we have some big news for the 4 of you. To which your dad and Claude already know.” Leslie told them.

“Well? What’s up?” They asked again.

“Well dear ladies. We both are pregnant!” Both women squealed happily.

“Alright, that’s beautiful. We will help in any way we both can.” Jenny told them.

“Absolutely!” Carrie happily agreed.” Good grief we’re going to have some more brothers or sisters soon.”

“Mom, you know that you still have to finish your jewelry for Xavier’s and Metler’s.” Jenny reminded Katherine.

“Thank you Jen dear, I had forgot.” Katherine said as the phone rang.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Hello. May I please speak with Mrs. Katherine Hayward please?”

“This is she. Whom may I ask is this?”

“Mrs. Hayward, this is Steve Johnson with Saks Fifth Ave, jewelry department. I have seen some of your fantastic jewelry in some other stores. I’d been trying to set up an appointment to see if we could sell them here also. I’d like to see any pieces you have done, and even sketches of ones that are going to be made.”

“Sure we can tomorrow or whenever you have time.”

“Tomorrow’s fine. Say around 9 or 9:30?” He asked.

“That’s fine, I’ll be there. Thanks for calling.” Katherine said and hung up. The other 3 could really tell she was in heaven.

“Well sisters dear who was that?” Leslie asked her.

“You’ll never believe it. Sis that was Saks, they want to sell my jewelry also.” Katherine told them happily.

“Now that’s perfect! Xavier’s, Metler’s, and now add Saks, plus those 3 small stores. Mom, if you give it time, there will be more.” Jenny said and hugged her mother.

Later that night at dinner, she told Ross about the call and her appointment. The Katherine and Leslie got into a conversation. Where she came up with a brilliant idea and she wanted to see if Leslie wanted to help.

“Sis dear, would you like to help me with my jewelry?”

“Sure sis, I’d love to help all I can. But, I don’t know how much I can help, seeing I don’t know enough about jewelry design.” Leslie answered. To this Katherine told her that she would help teach Leslie how, and it shouldn’t that long before Leslie could mater it. Leslie loved that idea, and the thought of designing jewelry. Then Katherine looked over at her daughters and asked if they wanted to help also.

“We both would be honored to help.” Both Jenny and Carrie said.

At 8 that night, Linda showed up, and Katherine and Leslie led her into the living room, and Jenny and Carrie decided to follow. Which left the guys top clean up the kitchen, and then they retired to the den and watched a baseball game.

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