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Jessie was your typical girl next door. At twenty-five she was working in the job of her dreams right out of college. She seemed to have everything going her way. Everyone liked her vivacious nature and outgoing personality. Well, everyone but her, that is.

A bad breakup with her high school sweetheart during college had been the start. Following that, there had been several wild flings and even a group sex thing. The last had scared her. She had been too far out of control.

After that, she went too far the other way, no dating, and no boyfriends. She had thrown herself into her studies. Her one sexual outlet was masturbation and she let her mind run wild and free. Her body became a fine instrument and she played it for everything she was worth.

Now she was totally dependent on her toys and fingers. She had tried a few dates since she had graduated and even had sex with two different guys. Neither of them could come close to what she could do by herself.

Over the years her toys had gotten bigger and bigger and wilder and wilder. Now her favorite one of all was made of milky white glass. It was only six inches tall but had a shape like an upside down child’s top and a large round base with a stem between. It sat on her dresser like a piece of modern art.

Its rounded point was a half an inch across but the widest place was nearly three inches. It had short black and purple wide twisted vanes running up from the base that felt so good when it was turned. The vanes added another half to three quarters of an inch to the diameter.


Jessie sat at her desk daydreaming about the toy and how she would sit on it when she got home. She had a low bench that was the perfect height and width. The bench would spread her legs just right for the toy to slowly stretch her vagina until she had that oh so good full feeling. Her thighs and sex tightened at the thought.

“Earth to Jessie, come in please.”

“Huh!” was Jessie’s reply as she jerked back to the here and now. “Uh, Sorry Carla, I was lost in thought.”

“From that sexy dreamy look on your face, it was more like lost in lust,” Carla said with a grin.

With a blush, Jessie nodded and then smiled shyly. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“Some of the girls are going out tonight and I wanted to invite you along. It’ll just be drinks at one of the local watering holes but after this week at work we all need it.”

Carla was Jessie’s department head and a nice lady. The invite was a first and she should take it but the thoughts about the toy earlier were still pulling on her mind and body. Carla was right about this week. It had been long, hard, and nerve wracking.

“I’d love to but…” Jessie started and then let the sentence hang.

“Oh, you have a date. I should have known that, a pretty girl like you must have the guys lined up in rows.”

“Uh, no, but I do have a date of sorts.”

“Well, bring him along and let us meet him.” Carla told her. “I promise, we’ll be on our good behavior. Well, I will, anyway. The rest of the girls can get a little wild.”

Jessie blushed and shook her head. How was she going to explain this? “Uh, it’s not that kind of date. It’s more like me, myself, and I.”

Carla did a double take and then giggled. “I thought I was the only one with Friday nights like that. My toy box runith over,” she added with a wink.

Jessie perked up at the mention of toys. “Oh, you like toys too.”

“I’ve been into toys for a very long time. Or is that the other way around?” Carla giggled again.

This was a side of Carla that Jessie had never seen before. Carla was a larger woman and usually very serious and business like. She wore her hair up in a bun, long skirts, and always wore a suit coat. It was very odd to hear her giggly.

“I have quite a collection of toys myself,” Jessica replied a little nervously.

“We’ll have to compare notes sometimes,” Carla said as she leaned over Jessica’s desk. “I love big toys, how about you?” She whispered.

“Uh…” Jessica said and then paused.

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have asked that. It is quite private, I’m not usually this nosy, but I very seldom get to talk to someone who has a similar interest.”

“I… Uh… I have never, uh, had anyone ask about my toys before. I kind of thought I was, uh, the only one who had an interest in them. Big toys, that is,” Jessie finally got out with a deep blush.

Carla grinned and shook her head. “Not by a long shot dear. I could name two other women on this floor of the building besides me. I will not of course, it is all very secret. Some people don’t understand the needs or reasons for big toys.”

It dawned on Jessica that Carla was not being nosey, she was truly interested from a personal point of view. “I don’t understand it either, other than they feels so good and satisfy me like nothing else.”

Carla nodded and straightened up, a smile on her face. “You have fun and don’t worry about the partying. Maybe next Friday you can join us.”

As she turned away, Jessie casino oyna said, “Uh, maybe I could join you.” She paused to grin and then added, “It’s not like my “date” is going anywhere without me.”

“We all meet in the lobby after work. I’ll see you then,” Carla said and then winked. “After this week, I know a couple of my “dates” are going to get a work out.”

Jessica watched the woman walk away and then grinned. Visions of Carla with two big toys stuck in her flashed like fire through her brain. With a shiver and a shake, Jessica turned back to her computer terminal and started to enter data rapidly to distract her dirty mind.


The night out with the girls had been just what everyone needed. By the time they left the club, everyone had a buzz on at the very least. Carla was plastered as was a girl named Vicky that worked in accounting.

Jessie had danced so much that she was almost sober. Seeing Carla and Vicky staggering across the parking lot she stopped them. “You guys look like you need a ride.”

Carla giggled and nodded. “I’d love someone to ride.”

Vicky grinned a lopsided grin and nodded. “I’ll second that.” She looked around the fast emptying parking lot and shrugged. “But I think we’re out of luck.”

“I meant a ride home,” Jessica said and then grinned. “Neither one of you look in any shape to drive.”

“I don’t drive.” Vicky replied as she took a step and then grabbed hold of Carla’s shoulder. “I rode with Carla.”

Carla looked at Vicky and then at Jessie. “Well, Carla is drunk and we’re riding with Jessica,” Carla said as she closed one eye and staggered a couple of steps with Vicky hanging on.

“This is going to be fun,” Jessie muttered as she led the way to her car.


They ended up sitting in the kitchen of Carla’s home sipping coffee. That is when Jessie found out that Vicky lived there also. Vicky had wandered off when they arrived and returned to the kitchen wearing a t-shirt that looked like a dress on her short small frame.

Carla looked up from her coffee and smiled as her eyes came to rest on the two little tents in the front of the t- shirt. “My little Vicky is horny tonight.”

Vicky gave her a hard look and then glanced over at Jessica as a light blush covered her pretty face. “Carla, we have company.”

“Jessie’s a toy freak like us,” Carla replied and then giggled. “She likes them big like me.”

“Big ain’t the word for it,” Vicky muttered.

Carla laughed and said, “I ain’t ever heard you complain.”

Vicky blushed again and squirmed on her chair.

Jessica looked from one woman to the other and back. What was the relationship here? Were they lovers or just good friends? Was it just the toys or something else? Maybe she should leave before she found out more than she really wanted to know.

“Uh, guys, uh, maybe I should head on home.”

“See, you’ve scared our guest,” Vicky said to Carla.

“No! No, I just feel you two would be, uh, you two might want to be alone,” Jessie stammered.

Carla laughed and stood up to get everyone a refill. “We’re fine, I just like to tease Vicky. She was in the closet about her toys for most of her life until she met me. I’m still trying to drag her out but it’s kicking and screaming all the way.”

“Just cause you like to show off doesn’t mean I do,” Vicky said and then giggled. “Well, yes I do but only to you.”

“That’s only because we’ve never had the nerve to invite anyone else over,” Carla said with a glance at Jessica. “Until now of course.”

Vicky giggled, and whispered, “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.”

When Jessica’s eyes got big, Vicky giggled again and added, “Toys dear, toys. Although, the idea of showing you how I use mine does appeal to me. I feel I can trust you.”

Carla looked at her friend and smiled. Turning to Jessica she whispered, “Vicky has a real problem trusting people.”

“Don’t we all.” Jessica replied and then grinned. “I’m not too sure what you guy’s relationship is or where this conversation is going but I’ll take it on trust for the moment.”

Carla shrugged. “We’re friends and roommates first of all. We are into toys and showing off to each other. We are not lovers or lesbians if that is what you were thinking. Although, I have tried that in the past.”

“I didn’t know that,” Vicky said. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” She paused to grin and winked at Jessica. “I might have given it a try myself, God knows my luck with men sure sucks.”

“I need more coffee,” Carla said to no one in particular. “And I need to keep my mouth shut when I’m drunk.”

“I tried it once during college,” Vicky blurted out in confession. “I loved the company and the attention. The orgasms were great but I never could bring myself to give back, shall we say.”

“I’ve never tried it but I have thought about it,” Jessica confided.

Carla laughed and said, “The part time, kind of, sort of, lesbian leaning, no dating, toy ladies of Beckford insurance. That’s us, in a nut shell.”

They all three canlı casino laughed.

Afterwards, Vicky said, “God, that was funny.”

“Kind of sad though because it’s so true,” Jessica added.

The other two nodded.

“I can understand why Carla and I don’t date but why don’t you?” Vicky suddenly asked Jessica.

“I have from time to time but I just haven’t found anything as good as my toys,” Jessica confessed with a slight blush. She figured she might as well be honest with these two.

Carla nodded and Vicky giggled. “Toys are so much fun.”

“Why don’t you go get the toy box while Jessica and I move the coffee to the living room,” Carla said softly.

Vicky looked at Carla and then at Jessica as she took a deep shuddery breath. “Does that mean I have to show off?” She asked as she stood up.

“Only if you want to,” Carla said and then grinned. “But then again, you always want to show off to me.” Looking over at Jessica she asked, “Would you mind it terrible if Vicky showed off to both of us?”

Jessica shrugged and replied, “I’ve never watched anyone else use a toy, but I’m game.”

“Has anyone ever watched you use a toy?” Vicky asked.

“Uh, no, not really. I had a boyfriend once that always talked about it but for some reason it never happened.”

“I was the same way until I met Carla. It was an accident that first time,” Vicky said and then added, “It really was!” when Carla chuckled.

“Yes, I know it was dear,” Carla whispered to her friend. “I told you I was going to be gone all day and then I forgot my sunglasses.”

“Yeah and I forgot to close my door. I was in such a hurry to get to my toys, it had been so long since I’d felt free enough to use them in your house,” Vicky added.

“In a hurry isn’t the word for it,” Carla said with a laugh. “I didn’t even get out of the driveway good before I remembered my sunglasses were on the kitchen counter. I came back to get them and heard these funny noises from down the hall.”

Vicky giggled and blushed as Carla went on, “Your door was open, and you were laid out naked on your bed. You had that big black toy of yours stuffed in your pussy. The noise was the sound of it moving in and out of your wetness. Not to mention the soft whimpering moaning sounds you were making.”

“I… uh… yeah,” Vicky whispered. “I opened my eyes and saw you looking at me. I wanted to yank the toy out and grab the covers but I couldn’t. I was coming so hard that I could not move and your eyes on me made me come even harder. I was about to die.”

“No dear, you were glorious,” Carla reassured her.

Vicky gave a little shivery shake. “Just remembering that morning makes my pussy even wetter than it was. Now I’ll have to use that black toy tonight, won’t I?”

“If you want dear, it is a nice one and you do love it,” Carla said standing up.

Vicky came around the end of the table and gave Carla a peck on the cheek. “You always know just what to say. Thank you,” she whispered before she hurried out the kitchen door.

Carla watched her go and then sighed as she turned to look at Jessica. “You really don’t have to stay unless you want too. It would be nice though and Vicky will really get off with you being here to watch her.”

Jessica stood up slowly and smiled at Carla. “I’m enjoying myself and learning that I’m not as different as I thought I was. My mom nearly caught me once and it excited me far more than it scared me, so I know what she’s talking about.”

“The same here,” Carla said with a nod. “Let’s take the coffee in the living room and enjoy Vicky’s little show. Who knows, we might join in.”


Carla sat in a big overstuffed chair in the corner and Jessica was in the recliner. Vicky had a large ornately painted box open by the chaise lounge in front of the fireplace. Carla had lit the fire when they first brought the coffee tray in.

Vicky was nervously sorting through things in the box but had not taken anything out as of yet. Carla smiled and said softly, “Vicky dear, you know you want the black one and I think I’ll take Maxwell, just in case. I have no idea what Jessica might want.”

“I’ll be fine just watching for the moment,” Jessica whispered and then blushed. “I have an idea that my fingers will do a very quick job in any case if I feel the need.”

“A toy would be much more fun than just your fingers,” Vicky said as she pulled a ten inch black dildo out of the box and laid it on the chaise lounge.

The next thing she pulled out of the box made Jessica’s mouth drop open. The thing must have been a foot long and six inches across the head. The shaft was heavily veined and at least five inches wide. If this was Maxwell then she understood the Max part.

Vicky hefted the large dildo and giggled. “Mama likes them big.” She took a bottle of lube out of the box and carried both items over to Carla.

“Thank you dear,” Carla said as she took the items. Looking over at Jessica she asked, “What type of toy was it that you were daydreaming about earlier today? Maybe we have kaçak casino something like it.”

Jessica described the glass toy.

“We don’t have anything like that,” Vicky said. “But we do have a very nice thick glass dildo that has a curve that hits some interesting spots.”

When Vicky pulled it out of the box, Jessica grinned and nodded. “I have one almost like it at home only mine is milk glass and has a smaller head.”

“Then you can use this one then,” Vicky said as she brought it and a bottle of lube to Jessica. “I ran it through the dishwasher last night so it’s clean.” She added with a grin.

Vicky went back to the toy box and rummaged around for a moment. “What else do you want?” Carla asked softly.

“Uh… Well…” Vicky stammered and then stalled as she looked at Jessica.

“It’s alright, you can say anything in front of her that you can say in front of me.” Carla told her friend.

“Can I… Uh, that is… I want to…” Vicky stumbled around trying to say what she wanted.

“Oh, you want to use the butt plug,” Carla said with a grin. “You really want to be a naughty girl don’t you?”

Vicky nodded and then giggled.

“Use the black one so it matches your black dildo,” Carla whispered. “Anyway the red one is a little big for you just yet.”

Carla winked at Jessica and said, “The red one is mine for when I’m feeling really raunchy.”

“I’ve uh, never tried one,” Jessica admitted. “I’ve thought about getting one but I never have.”

With a big grin Carla admitted, “I wear mine to work on special occasions and when I want to be on edge all day. By the time I get home I’m wired for sound and hornier than all get out.”

“I can tell when you do from the way you walk and sit,” Vicky said with a giggle. “I’m going to try it one day if I can get my nerve up.”

“You could always wear it in and then take it out in the restroom if it got to be too much,” Jessica suggested.

Carla and Vicky both laughed and then Carla explained, “Putting it in isn’t a problem. Taking it out in the restroom would be out of the question. Vicky yells her head off when it comes out and comes so hard that she can’t hardly walk for an hour.”

Vicky giggled and nodded. “My ass is super sensitive. Just the thought of wearing it to the office with all those people around makes me shiver and tighten up. I’d be coming before I got to my cubical.”

“Speaking of which, do you want me to put it in while Jessica watches?” Carla whispered softly.

Vicky nodded and held up a small black butt plug about four inches long and an inch around at the largest. It was shaped like four balls molded together, with the smallest on the point and leading up to the biggest at the base. It had a short small t-shaped handle on the end.

Carla got out of her chair and walked over to Vicky. “Off with the t-shirt and on all fours, you know the drill.”

Vicky gave a hard shiver and looked at Jessica. Jessica smiled and nodded. Vicky smiled back and slowly pulled the t-shirt off over her head. She was short and slender with small breasts and narrow hips. Jessica noticed that the small V of pale blonde hair on her mound matched her hair color.

When she turned around Jessica also noticed that she had a cute little oval shaped ass. As she went to her knees on the chaise lounge, her sex came into view. It too was small and oval shaped, low down almost between her thighs.

“Do you want me to use lube or the natural stuff?” Carla asked.

Vicky looked over her shoulder at Jessica and bit her lip for a second. “Natural,” she whispered, still looking at Jessica.

“Then spread your knees a little.”

Vicky giggled and shifted her knees. “I’m so wet with Jessica watching that I can feel myself squishing.”

Carla pressed the plug to Vicky’s sex and it slid in easily. Vicky gave out with a soft moan and closed her eyes. “Oh yes, you are nice and wet,” Carla whispered as she worked the toy in and out slowly.

Jessica could see the balls spreading Vicky’s sex as they went in one by one. As they came out, her opening clung to them. She would make a whimpering moan ever so often and her hips would flex up and back.

A minute or so later, Carla asked, “Are you ready?”

Vicky bit her lip and nodded quickly.

When Carla pressed the end of the butt plug to the puckered ring of Vicky’s anus, Vicky groaned softly and flexed her hips quickly. The plug went in quicker than Jessica would have thought. Vicky groaned with pleasure the whole time.

Once the plug seated, Carla grinned and pulled it back out. Vicky yelled softly and wiggled her ass. Carla shoved it back in, which made Vicky gasp. Carla fucked her ass with the butt plug until Vicky yelled loudly and started to shake.

Then she pressed it home and turned the little t-handle until it lined up in the cleft of Vicky’s ass. She patted Vicky’s ass and whispered, “It’s as snug as a bug in a rug or is that a plug in an ass?”

Turning to Jessica, Carla said, “From now on, the more she gets turned on the tighter her ass will squeeze that plug. If I’m distracted and you see little Vicky just on the edge of an orgasm or even in the middle of one, jerk that plug out and stand back, she will go absolutely wild.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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